MotoGP Alex Marquez: "The fall has been a rookie mistake"


First statements by Alex Marquez as a MotoGP rider, After finishing the first day of the Valencia test the 23rd, 2.7 of the head, and with a fall in his first exit to the track whose only consequence was that he had more time standing in the box than he had wished. So because this trial only has one motorcycle, the Crutchlow 2019, a pilot with whom he shares a box waiting to finally disembark in the Repsol Honda, his new team, which he will share with his brother Marc.

-Talk about the opportunity presented to you.

-As you know, my plan was to continue in Moto2 as world champion. When I decided to stay, it was clear and I said that I felt prepared to go to MotoGP, but no opportunity came out and my decision was to do another year in Moto2. With the unexpected announcement of Lorenzo's withdrawal this opportunity opened and it is very good for me. I think I have a great team, with a lot of experience and taking this opportunity was the best for me.

– Do you play for or against being such a critical motorcycle and having your brother next to you in the box?

-In the end, I won't think about who will be by my side. I will try to learn, because HRC has the information of Marc, Crutchlow and Nakagami open and shared, so I will try to learn from everyone as much as possible, strengths, weaknesses. Learn from every detail you can see of them. I don't think about who I will have next but to learn, go around and enjoy this opportunity.

– Was he nervous before getting on the bike or with more pressure than when he first tested it here in 2014?

-I had different butterflies in my stomach. When you already know that you are a MotoGP rider, it is different. It is clear that he was a little nervous.

-How did you react to that first fall?

-Well, it was not his thing to start like this and he has completely changed the plan, for having only one motorcycle. We have been standing for a long time. It has been a rookie mistake. The typical curve of Valencia, the 4 or the 10, and I have touched the 10. Accustomed to Moto2, I have done too much Moto2 style, too close to the right. The important thing is that I have understood it and before falling I have already seen it coming a little.

– Do you have the feeling that it will not be difficult for you to improve little by little or have you already seen that there are things that will cost you?

-It is clear that we are in MotoGP and that there will be difficult things and that will take your learning time. I am here to take this opportunity, to learn as much as possible from the first minute. I felt good on the bike, position, riding and everything. That was the most important thing for me and, from here, problems will start coming when we are closer to the times. You have to get to know the bike and you have to continue.

– Will you have to have more experience so that Marc can help and advise you?

-Talk with Marc or not, I have to make my way and he has to do his. He has to be calm in his part of the box, and I do the same. I will try to learn from everyone. Take everyone's strengths to get the most out. It is clear that I have Marc next to us, that we are brothers and that we will talk, but on the track each one will be the same. I will have my team and he his, making our way.

-What has cost you most or surprised you from your first experience with the Honda?

– At the moment, what has cost me the most are the right curves, although the fall of the morning has not helped either. You feel a little less prepared the front tire in the right turns. That is what cost me the most today and where I lost the most. Tomorrow I will try to continue learning and look for the front feeling, to lose something less in the right curves.

– Several pilots have fallen, including his brother, and of his have made up articles. Are you aware of the media focus you face?

-No. I am prepared for it. When you go to a large team it is something to assume. I will have a great team next door and I want to work with them. I will not be thinking about the media focus.

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