MotoGP | "When I saw Alex on the floor I said: It's Marquez!"


Marc Marquez He spoke after this first test day in Valencia more about his brother Alex's debut with Honda than his fifth place with a fall. It was what I played on such a day.

-Finally, the signing of his brother became official. What do you have to say?

-I have a new teammate. We will have the Moto2 world champion next door in the box, which is Alex, my brother. It is clearly a decision of yours and Honda. I told him that it is a complicated and difficult challenge, but he replied that he would not know if he would have the opportunity to be on the official Honda team again and that he had to take it. I think he has done well, but he has an important challenge ahead. He has a year in which above all he has to enjoy and learn. We all know what MotoGP is, what is the Honda, how many falls it costs to find the limit of the Honda and this little by little he has to go finding it. For my work style and dynamics it doesn't change at all.

-There are some statements of his on the official website of the championship in which he says he would like to see it on another team. Why?

-I'm happy that I'm in MotoGP. I am happy that I can try to take advantage of this HRC opportunity, but I meant that maybe in another box there would not be so much pressure for him. This is obvious, but it is one thing he has accepted. Not everyone would have all the courage, desire and courage to face such a challenge. Others have not wanted to take on a challenge such as taking the other motorcycle from the HRC box. There are people who think that things are given away and as a gift this has nothing. He is twice world champion and I know that the one next to me is the world champion of Moto2 and not my brother. You have to know how to focus professionalism to be focused on your box and get one hundred percent of your style.

– Have you seen his fall?

– (laughs). When I saw it, I said: It's Marquez! (Laughs) Brave uncle. There were two motorcycles on the track and it has already left. (More laughter) I have not seen him after the fall. It is not the best start, because this detracts you from entering confidence, but then little by little it has been picking up pace, from what I have seen in the times. Yes, that fall is rookie, to go out with the track a cold tad.

-You have also fallen and also with a good stick, just out of the pits.

-I had a fall with the very rare new motorcycle, leaving the box. Going slow, I changed gears and I went up. There was no mechanical problem, but it was a day in which, with cold, we all went very fast because we came very well over the weekend and fast we were at 1:30. To be a test, there have been too many falls.

-He has been seen picking up parts of his motorcycle.

-(Smile). When I looked up, I saw that there was no motorcycle left. I've been seeing pieces of carbon and then I've seen something that I thought was the switchboard, but it wasn't that. (Laughs) They were scared, but they were things from Dorna's cameras and GPS. I have taken it and put it in a corner and I have thought: "My Mother, the one I have bundled".

– It will have to spend a lot of time to be able to give some advice to Alex?

-First of all, it is better not to saturate it at the information level. If I can give you some advice, I will give it to you, but more at home. Here in the circuit everyone works on their side and has to be professional. I have enough work with mine. If I see something, it is clear that I will give the comment, but for that there are also Alberto (Puig) and Emilio (Alzamora), who have a lot of experience, and I will continue working as before, with him at home, but in the Each circuit has its own style and I already have enough work with mine. He just has to seize the opportunity, enjoy and go little by little. Each pilot is different and has to take the dynamics. The first thing I told him is if he was clear that, to know the limits of the Honda, I saw how many times I had fallen. It is a motorcycle that requires a lot of effort and a lot of courage. And he has already shown a lot of courage to make the decision to take that project that I was not entirely sure whether to say yes or no.

-I had two bikes. What have you tried?

-I had the one I've run all season and a prototype with some steps of 2020, especially engine, because the chassis was identical. That is where we have begun to try and understand things. Here it is difficult to know the engine, but yes the character and these things. We started with a good base, but there are still things to improve, especially things that have hurt us in 2019. We must take information in these tests and in Malaysia it will be the definitive model.

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