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Traffic in Berlin

Muhlendamm in Mitte blocked – Significant traffic jams

The closure around the Muhlendammbrucke in Berlin leads to massive disabilities in the Berlin rush hour.

In the area around the Muhlendamm Bridge, closures will occur on Tuesday due to a conference (archive image).
In the area around the Muhlendamm Bridge, closures will occur on Tuesday due to a conference (archive image).

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Berlin. Motorists need to set up traffic jams and disabilities in several parts of the city in the coming days. At the invitation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), an Africa Investor Conference will take place on Tuesday at the House of German Business.

Due to the associated barriers for the arriving conference participants it comes from 6 to 16 clock in Mitte traffic restrictions, warns the traffic information center Berlin.

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Muhlendammbrucke in Berlin – In these areas there are closures:

  • Muhlendamm and Gertraudenstrabe between Muhlendammbrucke to Getraudenstrabe 18
  • Wide street between Neumannsgasse and Schlossplatz
  • Spreeufer from Rathausbrucke to Muhlendammbrucke
  • Petriplatz between Gertraudenstrabe and Scharrenstrabe
  • Bruderstrabe between Scharrenstrabe and Neumannsgasse
  • Neumannsgasse between Bruderstrabe and Breite Strabe,
  • Schlossplatz between Breite Strabe to Spreeufer
  • Spree between Rathausbrucke to Muhlendammbrucke

Traffic jams also on city highway A100

With traffic jams, motorists must also on the City motorway A100 expected. From Wednesday to November 29th, they are between the Triangle Charlottenburg and the connection point Spandauer dam to the south only two instead of three lanes available. In addition, the entrance to the Junction Siemensdamm as well as the exit to Spandauer dam blocked. The first tension was in the night from 18 to 19 November in the time from 22 to 5 clock. The A100 was between the Junction (AS) Kaiserdamm and the Autobahndreieck (AD) radio tower in Direction NeukOlln locked to the Construction site set up, Accordingly, it came on early Tuesday morning to significant traffic jams on the city highway. (Link to the traffic information center Berlin) Drivers should plan significantly more time here in the rush hour traffic.

Following, from Tuesday, November 19, through Friday, November 29, will be the left lane between AS Kaiserdamm and ICC consistently locked. In the night of 28 to 29 November, the dismantling of the construction site and thus again a full closure of 22 to 5 clock between the AS Kaiserdamm and the AD radio tower consequences.

Traffic in Berlin: Disabilities at the Rudolf Wissell Bridge

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The A100 will be between the connection points Jakob-Kaiser-Platz and Spandauer dam as well as the A111 between the junction Heckerdamm and the Triangle Charlottenburg also in the nights to Wednesday and Thursday in each case from 22 to 5 o'clock for the purpose of construction site establishment completely blocked, communicated the Federal construction company Deges. On behalf of the Berlin Senate, it is preparing the replacement construction for the dilapidated Rudolf Wissell Bridge. For this purpose, wells in front of and behind the structure in the roadway area are required for ground investigation.

There are also planned so-called ordnance soundings in the area of ​​the junction Kaiserdamm to height ICC, Experts are looking for unexploded ordnance and other dangerous relics from the Second World War. There are indications of bomb craters, splinter trenches and barrack sites. In this area, until the 29th of November the left lane is closed to the south. The actual work for the replacement of the Rudolf Wissell Bridge will not begin before 2023, according to Deges.

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