Preliminary decision: Trump does not have to submit tax records


Donald Trump can initially keep his tax records to himself. The Supreme Court gives its urgent application so that it does not have to submit its documents to the House of Representatives as requested. But the long smoldering tax history is not yet over for Trump.
For the time being, US President Donald Trump does not have to hand over his tax records to the House of Representatives. The Supreme Court issued a request for an urgent petition from Trump's lawyers, without, however, making a final decision on the matter. The committee requested the documents from Trump's accountancy firm for a period of eight years under penalty of punishment, that is, with a so-called subpoena.

Last week, a court of appeal in Washington ruled that the subpoena was in place. The Audit Committee now has until Thursday to comment on the Supreme Court. Trump's lawyers argue that if the Subpoena continues to exist, any future Congress chairperson may seek any personal information from a US President under penalty of law.

The Supreme Court is also pending another petition seeking to prevent Trump from handing over its tax records to the New York Procuratorate. The prosecution has also requested tax documents from Trump and its companies via Subpoena for a period of eight years. Trump tries hard to prevent their release. His critics nourish the suspicion that he has something to hide.

Normally, US presidential candidates publish their tax returns during the election campaign. Trump has argued, among other reasons, for his refusal in the past, that his tax returns are very complicated and people would not understand them.

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