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Mr. Hodgers, should the green get a Federal Council seat?

In terms of party strength, we have a claim to it. That's why the national party leadership has to take care of that. I'm in constant contact with her.

And Antonio Hodgers in the Bundesrat, can you imagine that?

I'm not that far in my thoughts yet. It is not about me. It's about what happens in Bern. Questions arise: Do the Greens want to run for office? Do you find Allies? If so, do you want someone from German or Western Switzerland? I think the Greens should prefer a women's candidate. It is currently about the ecology, but it is also about the role of women.

Your government experience would be an advantage.

There are many people in the Greens with government experience. In my case, it is also about the canton of Geneva, which is weakened. And it's about my family. I'm not with a woman who follows her husband everywhere. In addition, she will give birth to our child in a few days. To be a good father to my children is an important value for me.

As a former Group President, you have experienced many Federal Council elections. You know that suddenly everything can go very fast.

Of course, I see that everything is very open and can go quickly in all directions. That's the magic of Swiss politics. You should not be a career politician. Often, people are surprisingly elected to the Federal Council. I was asked by my party because of the Federal Council candidature. My reaction was: we can discuss it. There are other candidates as well. It is important that the Greens can now take on government responsibility.

Currently you have another problem. In a radio broadcast you called a "Le Temp" journalist as a groupie, your state council colleague Pierre Maudet in love.

I said that in a satire show. The journalists were joking. The frame was not very serious. Satire broadcasts are always tricky. Either one is serious and boring or one is mocking, which is sometimes a bit complicated for a politician. After the groupie comparison, everyone in the show laughed, including former FDP National Councilor Suzette Sandoz. After the broadcast, there was no reaction.

"The journalist lacks, in my opinion, the necessary journalistic distance to Pierre Maudet."

The editor-in-chief of Le Temps responded the same day. He accused her of sexism. Did you go too far?

He has taken the sentence out of context so as not to bring up the essence of the problem.

The crux of the problem is that the journalist is critical of you, but with Pierre Maudet he handled his lie-confession with care. After becoming aware of your Bundesratsambitionen she described you as a surfer and Pierre Maudet as a marathon runner. That obviously frustrated you.

In the same article, the journalist described me as "impetueux", which could be translated in English as "impetuous" or "violent". But she gave no example what she refers to. I am certainly not impulsive. Then she describes me as a surfer, so an opportunist. I'm more of a dickskull facing waves. The journalist lacks, in my opinion, the necessary journalistic distance to Pierre Maudet. Obviously she did not manage well enough that Pierre Maudet missed the election as Federal Councilor and I am now a candidate for this office. A man must be allowed to criticize a woman for her work. This has nothing to do with sexism. I would have said the same if the journalist had been a man.

Have you apologized?

I did that. I emphasize: I am a feminist. Everything that has happened to the #Metoo movement is extremely important. In the department we have an equality group. I do a lot that women come in cadre positions. I am a member of the UN program Gender Champions. Again, if the journalist feels hurt as a woman, I apologize to her.

"I am a feminist. Everything that has happened to the #Metoo movement is extremely important. "

Your party is more successful than ever, you are being traded as a Green Federal Council candidate. Why do not you just treat yourself to a little rest and enjoy the moment?

As a Council of State you can not relax. Just in the satire show, I have relaxed too much. In Geneva politics, we have this constant power. Added to this was the affair Maudet, the takeover of the regional council and my department (environment and spatial planning) is very exposed, but also exciting.

Your canton is in a major crisis. Take the budget debate. Pierre Maudet rejects the 2020 budget. With his outburst he desvaouiert the committee.

That is not the Geneva policy. This is Mr. Maudet. Apart from that, Geneva's political culture is already reminiscent of France. We live with it. I like that. All parties except the SVP have decided to go for the budget proposal. Nothing has been won yet, but that's better than last year.

"I'm still shocked by what Pierre Maudet did."

She and Mr Maudet, against whom the public prosecutor investigates the acceptance of benefits, were once political companions. Today you are enemies.

That's a journalistic perception. The newspaper "Le Temps" once called us "unequal brothers". I found that a fine observation. I am still shocked by what Pierre Maudet did. But because we know each other for so long, we always work together expeditiously in our government meeting. Everyone thinks we are not talking to each other anymore. That's not true. My role is to ensure that the state develops.

Mr. Maudet said in an interview, "I do not remember who Antonio Hodgers is."

I did not respond. He thinks that what he has done is not serious. I think the opposite.

The government is currently destroying Maudet's work of recent years. It bans the Uber vehicle service and wants to revise the police law, which Maudet narrowly won through a plebiscite …

The government has not dealt with these issues. I learned about it from the media.

That's hard to believe. In the case of Uber informed the State Chancellery.

But that's the way it is. State Councilor Mauro Poggia is currently responsible for Uber and the Police Law. The Uber ban was an administrative decision. Uber does not meet the requirements of the taxi law that Pierre Maudet once issued. If specifications are not met, I will also stop construction works as a construction manager.

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