"The guardians of the dune", who are the zadistes of Bretignolles-sur-Mer?


The ZAD Bretignolles-sur-Mer. – D.P. / 20 minutes

  • Since early October, a ZAD is installed facing the sea in Bretignolles-sur-Mer.
  • The zadistes are fiercely opposed to the project of marina, carried by the Community of communes of the Country of Saint-Gilles-Cross-of-Life and its president Christophe Chabot (mayor of Bretignolles).
  • Sunday, "20 Minutes" went to meet this big dozen irreducible.

They have taken up residence on this site, adjoining a roundabout and facing the sea, since 8 October. At the entrance to the makeshift camp, a home built rudimentary wooden with this inscription: "The guardians of the dune." That's how the Zadistes de Bretignolles-sur-Mer proclaimed themselves against the
project of construction of a marina. They would be a big dozen permanently and forty to come and go on the
ZAD (Area to defend). Yellow signs recall their fight: "Port la Honte", "La port de la mafia" or "No au puits du fou".

At the beginning of October, when the excavators arrive, the resistance to this 20-year-old project is organized. Jean-Baptiste Durand, the president of the collective La Vigie opposed to the port, still remembers "these people lying in front of the machines to prevent them from working". A few hours later, a dozen opponents create a
ZAD on private land, with the agreement of the owner. Which is concerned in the first place since its plot must be expropriated for the future project.

Sunday, 11:30, there are only five or six to work in the middle of the ZAD. The others are still sleeping. In the kitchen area, some munch fruits and have coffee. Just beside the fire, Robert scuplets a wooden spoon. This 22-year-old Rennes student has "come to help and support". He chose the ZAD de Bretignolles because "it is the most active and the closest". He denounces "a project of a crazy incoherence that will smash the lands, the beaches and the surroundings".

"If they want to wear it, they will do it anyway! "

Beside him, Dune (the name chosen by many zadists to testify), goes back and forth barefoot between cooking and fire. He declares to be a "nomad", originally from Isere. "I'm here already because this way of life suits me better than the one in everyday life," he explains calmly. And then, of course, there is the green side. I'm here to protect the planet, I want to stop the human breaks everything. He does not go into the details of the project. On a daily basis, he occupies his time between "reading, DIY, cooking or general meetings on the project three times a week". And then, he resumes in a firmer tone, but a little resigned: "If they want to make their port, they will do it anyway! Shitty projects, there are everywhere … "

Some signs are renamed Bretignolles-sur-Mer.
Some signs are renamed Bretignolles-sur-Mer. – D.P. / 20 minutes

Like him, some were on the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes a few weeks ago. This is the case of Charlie, a 39 year old Italian living in Brittany. After a short walk by the sea, she tells in impeccable French her daily life here "for a month permanently" and its difficulties. "We are not here for our comfort, but to defend the dune. If we fear the weather, we do not hold here. A fortnight ago, it was necessary to reinforce with sandbags construction during the storm … "The land of the ZAD, located between the sea and a marshy area and exposed to winds, is anything but hospitable.

An evacuation next spring?

Then, she confides a certain frustration: "At Notre Dame-des-Landes, everything that revolves around food autonomy was very developed. There were two bakeries, a forge … Here there is no place for a kitchen garden, for cultural events and so on. (The land on which the ZAD Bretignolles is installed is only 3,000 m2 against more than a thousand hectares in Notre-Dame-des-Landes). I do not know if I will stay long. It should not be there any more when the evacuation of the ZAD should intervene. The Community of Communes of the Pays de Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, carrying a project so far stalled, says it could take place next spring when the expropriation procedure of the land on which are installed the zadistes will be finished.

*The name has been changed

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