The young man saved by a woman elected in Lyon is out of danger


The young man saved from drowning thanks to the intervention of the councilor of the 1st arrondissement, Myriam Fogel-Jedidi, is fine.

He was able to be heard about the circumstances in which he found himself in the waters of the Rhone, chilled with cold, hanging on a cable.

The 17-year-old from Bron had partying all night and had a lot to drink. Staggering on the banks, he accidentally fell into the water, in the absence of witnesses who could have helped or alert him. He managed to hook onto a boat's cable, but could not get back on the bank.

We do not know the exact time of the accident but the young man was in severe hypothermia when he was recovered by firefighters and transported to the hospital Édouard-Herriot. According to the rescue, he was saved in extremis.

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