US now considers Jewish settlements in the West Bank legal


The US officially no longer regards Jewish settlements in the West Bank as contrary to international law. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in Washington on Monday that after careful consideration of "all sides" of the legal debate, his government has concluded that Jewish settlements in the Palestinian Territory are not "per se" in conflict with international law.

Pompeo thus announced an important turnaround in US Middle East policy. So far, at least theoretically, Washington's US Department of State expertise was considered authoritative, according to which the establishment of Jewish settlements in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories represents a breach of international law.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the current official US revaluation of the settlements. The correction in Washington may benefit Netanyahu domestically. The head of government is still fighting for the formation of a new coalition government after two parliamentary elections this year. Netanyahu is a close ally of US President Donald Trump.

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