Valencia Basket reaps the third against Zenit


Valencia Basket adds its third consecutive victory. The second followed in Euroleague. In front of an opponent, the Zenit of St. Petersburg, called to more and that was in the same as the taronja, with only two victories. The triumph seemed fundamental to both of them and it was taken by Jaume Ponsarnau's. You can already say that Guillem Vives and Alberto Abalde are the leaders of the reaction, but the party of the Americans Mike Tobey and Jordan Loyd is to frame. Especially from the last one, which at the end of the game broke the match with a triple. Mention apart for La Fonteta, suffering from this start of the course and that has vibrated again in Euroleague as it had long since. Victory of all.

Guillem Vives began leading, defending and scoring with the inertia of the last matches. But also past revolutions, which led him to commit two early faults. Leaving the parquet forced. He did everything on the taronja side in the first minutes. With this, Gustavo Ayon signed an easy tray for the first score of the Russians. A series of bad decisions, a lot of intensity and defense left the game without several minutes of scoring and many decibels in La Fonteta. Dubjlevic broke the inertia with an easy tray … after another shot bounced. Ponkrashov responded with certainty from triple. Frosting for a moment the hot Valencian fief. Ponsarnau stopped him. After six minutes of meeting, the score continued 5-5. And after this, the meaning came in the game and the entrance of Will Thomas, who returned to La Fonteta after his departure last summer.

Valencia Basket was precipitated. The first one came with Dubi backwards. The former did the same by taking his left-handed walk at the first exchange. A pair that gave many points and victories the Valencians. Colton Iverson punished inside again, but Jordan Loyd threw from Canada itself to distance. Valencia Basket was coming up and even scored Tobey with an outside pitch, bounced on defense and crushed the ring in attack. A cyclone that had to stop Joan Plaza (15-9). Thomas, who has taken the measure to the hoops of the St. Louis Fountain, scored three fast to cut the partial. After a free throw by Renfroe, Trushkin replied to the American power forward to overtake the St. Petersburg team at the close of the first quarter.

Quino, on the other hand, continued erratic in the shot, forcing triples before the lack of movement of his companions. Until the connection with Tobey arrived in the pick-and-roll How well it worked in the last duels. However, Dubljevic entered the American to add points with Labeyrie, less talented in attack. But Trushkin was still hot in the change of room and hurt again from 6.75 (18-22). The Plaza were at their best, and La Fonteta tried to play his role. And Loyd came up to cut the Russian partial with a triple. Even Will missed his first shot and Labeyrie returned the initiative on the scoreboard from the line. But Thomas was only a truce and scored as usual, pulling class back to basket. Aboramitis scored a trip from the corner, but Abalde left the distance to just two points with a house penetration mark. And tied the contest with a shot as soon as he received from Vives, who returned to the track after passing through the bench for fouls. At one point, the Galician forward showed that his performance against Zaragoza was not a day's flower. Want more. And Loyd. That he took a basket of cigars playground American. Of those who raise the pavilion. With his second foul, he had to leave Marinkovic on the court.

Meanwhile, Brock Motum appeared for the first time with 29-29 and two minutes left in the quarter. His first appearance was a triple to limbo, still cold. However, even Ndour seemed to be infected by that inertia, and a beautiful basket was removed in the painting. But Abromaitis, without so much showdown, casigated from the line of three. They scored with discretion, while the baskets on the local side came more for bursts of inspiration. Motum takes advantage of a rejection of the recently entered Doornekamp to recover but Thomas returned to dance in La Fonteta (33-38).

The resumption began again with the Russians punishing Edkrashov for the exercise of point forward With a triple front. La Fonteta did not forgive even Thomas, hard on defense stealing the ball from Vives after rebound. San Emeterio had to appear with his first points of the meeting to react to a bad start. Infecting the rest, especially the Catalan base that he commanded since then with more force, causing a mate of Ndour to put the 37.44 in the luminous. The Senegalese again punished by dancing to Ayon, his former partner in Madrid. You can tell he knows it. Albicy, however, halted the reaction from 6.75. The match was in small details, with two teams aware of their chance to try to get out of the pot with a victory. The Mexican responded to the Senegalese by attacking him with a feint. Dubi returned it. The internal games of both teams produced, but San Emeterio put the magic with a triple to cut distances after Will's failure. That does not forgive twice and returned to put earth in the middle. And Ayon put the ten of difference for the first time in the encounter (44-54). A cold Marinkovic responded, which was released in two. Valencia Basket missed his triples. The ones that nailed Thomas again and again. The party was a correcalles that did not benefit the locals, until an unsportsmanlike one on San Emeterio and a dead time calmed the atmosphere. The veteran did not forgive and in the possession Loyd returned to leave the Ponsarnau to six (51-57).

The locals began to believe and the American escort also came up in defense, demonstrating that his ability on both sides of the court. Until Vives, again from triple, increased decibels. The reaction came from the heart, but also with the head, playing the best basketball of the game. Vives threw the team back behind him with a robbery that ended up on the line. But Quino Colom entered to add more sugar and give rest to the Catalan. However, the defense still did not detect an Abromaitis that swelled to nail triple released from the corner. With ten minutes left, the difference followed six (57-63).

It was Tobey who marked the road with a triple. The distance was only three points. But the inaccuracies followed. However, the intensity was beyond reproach to the locals. Maybe some patience was missing and the appearance of some players who failed to plug in. The one who was in all was Tobey, who hung up again and defended hard to leave the game to two. Albalde picked up a shot of Loyd and at times the pavilion's foundations seemed to shake with the rhythm of the crash and the intensity of the stands. Again the center Valencia Basket American collected the garbage to assist Labeyrie in penetration and tie the duel. There were seven minutes left of heart attack (65-65).

At that time, Renfroe came up to open the gap. But Colom responded with his first triple. He was one of those who missed out on scoring after missing a few triples released in the first quarter. Abalde tied it from the corner. And full of confidence, the Galician again broke the game from 6.75 (74-71). Returning the initiative on the scoreboard to four for closing. Ponsarnau wanted to join brain on track with Colom and Vives to face the final stretch. And the Russians, with five fouls, sent Tobey to the line for minimal contact in the rebound. He scored the second. And it was Vives who put the maximum, again, with a triple. Leaving Loyd his place and fired with honors. But Will Thomas reappeared in the movie, missing in combat in the final stretch. Tobey, meanwhile, followed his own. Abalde put La Fonteta back on its feet with another triple full of confidence, but the Russians reacted quickly with two baskets. The Galician did not give up and went back to overtaking the locals with getting up in the middle distance. But Renfroe had an appointment with the line again and it was not missing again. Tobey's intensity was also rewarded and his offensive rebound led him to free throws. Any foul action was penalized with shots.

And Jordan Loyd took the nickname of Michael for a moment to rise in suspension and break the game three in the absence of 30 seconds and with five of possession to play (89-86). Madness with the biggest prize. La Fonteta exploded. And he tried to deafen Ayon, from the line, which did not fail. You live just eliminated. With 16 seconds left and 89-88, the match would be decided from the free throw. The first was Loyd. It did not fail. Albicy missed the triple and Dubi went to the line after chasing the rebound. Both inside. Again, Renfroe in the free kick. Without failure. There were still seven seconds left and Valencia Basket was three. Loyd returned to the line. The first failed. He scored the second. The defense did the rest.

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