Words of Duvan Vergara on the controversial criminal in America VS Cali for home runs of Liga Aguila 2-2019 (COLOMBIAN FOOTBALL)


After the sanction of the judge, of the collection and goal of Michael Rangel, of the official protest of the Caleno team and of so much controversy that was generated, the main protagonist spoke. And what Duvan Vergara said about the controversial criminal in America VS Cali gives for many interpretations.

In the program 'El Vbar' by Caracol Radio interviewed the skilled American player and between sincerity and care not to talk about more, he gave his version of what happened. He also spoke to the fans of the rival and wanted to close the issue, but the journalists were very interested in continuing to ask him.

Audio: What Duvan Vergara said about the controversial criminal in America VS Cali

In the beginning Vergara wanted to explain the play and to imply what he felt with the departure of goalkeeper Johan Wallens, he also spoke to the rival fans in part of justification:

"A very fast play, just like he came out to run over and I waited. He touched me, suddenly I exaggerated in the way of falling, but I see the contact in my opinion.

… Yes, the truth is that (it is criminal), I suddenly exaggerated in the fall, but on the foot I leave to turn it touches me down and it is difficult for the referee.

I understand the fans of Cali, but if it had happened the opposite would be those of brave America, then this is football and we have to keep going "

But when they told him that they could sanction him with 2 weeks and more than 40 million fine, as in other previous cases, the player wanted to put aside the issue:

"This is football, I'm calm, that whatever they have to do is done. I'm calm about it and I don't want to talk about it anymore …"

One of the journalists asked him if the intention was to deceive or impress the judge, at that moment Vergara responded seriously:

"No, I do not need to buy anything. I only play football and the truth is that they are very fast plays, I am calm because I do not need to fool anyone. They are passing plays and I am calm because the 3 points that were important were achieved "

Finally, what Duvan Vergara said about the controversial criminal in America VS Cali implied that he is a player who gets hit a lot and suffers many infractions:

"If you look at it and it is what you see, I respect what you say. I am a player with characteristics to face and it is not easy to take the ball away from that kind of players …

They know me and when I catch the ball they have me referenced …

If you saw your ankle and legs as I have them, you wouldn't ask that "

Listen to VBar Caracol (11/18/2019 – Section from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.) on Caracol Radio

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