a battered woman runs away and drags her husband to the ground with his car


Terrible accident in the suburbs of Lyon. It all started with a classic couple quarrel before the altercation seriously escalated on Monday, November 18th. A young woman of 30 dragged his companion several meters by car in the streets of Vaulx-en-Velin before crashing into a bus.

Victim of domestic violence and threatened with death by her husband, the thirty-year-old tried to flee. But the man was not of this opinion tried to remove the keys of the contact of the vehicle to prevent it from leaving. It was then that the young woman started the car and accelerated, dragging her spouse on several meters rue de la Republique. She then hit a TCL bus, reports Lyon Mag.

The couple was placed in custody. The woman, hit in the face, received three days of ITT and filed a complaint against her husband. The man, injured in the foot following the accident, known for 42 criminal record, received 28 days of ITT. He refused to file a complaint and denied the domestic violence. They will both be presented to the prosecutor's office on Wednesday.

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