Arizona CBP records less crossings to the US


San Luis, Rio Colorado.- October is the fifth consecutive month so far this year that there is a significant decrease in the arrests of illegal migrants along the southwest border, which includes Yuma County , Arizona, with crosses through San Luis Rio Colorado and Los Algodones, Baja California.

As it was shared by the interim commissioner of the Office of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) of the United States, Mark Morgan, noting that they have decreased more than 68 percent from the highest point of the border crisis in May, in which a total of 144 thousand 116 arrests were recorded, when the month of October of the same year closed with 42,250 detected by the Border Patrol.

"This Administration has implemented critical policies and has reached important agreements with our partners in Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala (countries with the highest illegal migration to the United States) that have resulted in the fifth consecutive month of reducing arrests," he said. Morgan

"These are positive results, but Congress must pass significant legislation to stop the exploitation of vulnerable families and children and restore integrity to our broken immigration system," he added.


The numbers shared for the month of October reflect a 12 percent decrease in Border Patrol detentions when compared only to September, a period in which there were more than 52 thousand registered, as well as a 19 percent in the number of Inadmissible foreigners at the ports of entry, that is, people who, after appealing for political asylum or immigration aid, the federal judge has denied them because they lack compelling reasons for this benefit to be granted.

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