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Anger of yellow vests

VIOLENCE – The yellow jacket seriously injured in the eye by a projectile probably fired by the police said he would refuse to be auditioned by the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) and announced that he was filing a complaint against Didier Lallement, prefect of police of Paris.

Saturday, November 16, in the middle of the afternoon, Manu C., 41 years old and resident of Valenciennes, talks with other yellow Vests, for the anniversary of the mobilization of the movement. While discussing with a street medic and his wife, he receives a tear gas grenade in his left eye. The filmed sequence is broadcast on social networks. Extremely violent, it has been widely used on many Twitter accounts.

Paris Police Prefect Didier Lallement announced on Monday that he would seize the IGPN, "at the request of the Ministry of the Interior". The next day, the wife of Manu C. indicates that the latter has lost the use of his eye. On Wednesday, November 20, his lawyer Arie Alimi said that his client would refuse to be heard by the Inspectorate General of the National Police and a complaint was filed. It aims in particular the prefect Didier Lallement.

The Paris public prosecutor's office opened an investigation into "violence by a person holding public authority with weapons that caused a temporary interruption of work of more than eight days" and entrusted the investigations to the IGPN. But Manu C. refuses to be heard by police police. As an explanation, his lawyer castigates the "partiality (of the institution) which stifles the police violence cases". The lawyer also attacks the Paris prosecutor's office, accused of "blocking" on police violence files.

So, to circumvent this procedure, Mr. Alimi indicates to have filed a complaint with the senior judge of instruction to demand a criminal requalification in "aggravated" violence "resulting in a permanent mutilation". This complaint specifically targets the prefect Didier Lallement, accusing him of complicity for having authorized the use of 56 mm grenade launcher. Manuel C. "also refuses to transmit the videos of the scene and the officials involved" and "request the immediate appointment of an investigating judge given the criminal nature of the case", adds the lawyer. "The videos of the officials will be released to the public within a week if no appointment of a judge," he threatens.

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Very controversial pitchers

Since the beginning of the movement, teargas grenades, so-called Cougar or Chouka, have been part of the law-enforcement weapons challenged since the beginning of the Yellow Vests movement, with the launchers of defense bullets. In total, 372 legal proceedings were registered in France after complaints against law enforcement, according to a count of the Ministry of Justice sent to AFP. Of these, 109 were dismissed and 29 led to the opening of a criminal investigation. Three referrals in correctional officials – including a CRS tried this Thursday in Paris – were ordered.

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Questioned by MediapartManuel C. recounts for his part that he had taken refuge on this side of the square, "where there were no clashes", while police and demonstrators were opposing on the other side of the square. the place. "So we decided to wait in a quieter corner, we were talking and wondering with a 'street medic' why they had chosen to block us on a square under construction tools. It was dangerous and I had only one desire: it was to leave and protect my wife, "he says. The latter explains today that it is "under infusion to reduce pain" and that these facts plunge them into an uncertain future. "I had just passed hiring tests and I was waiting for the day of the beginning of my mission to be set to start in a car factory for 1,500 euros (…) I will not be able to provide my family's needs. "

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