Edition of Nancy Ville | Administrative closure of two months against "The Black Cat"


In the place since 1993, the Black Cat is in turmoil. On Monday, 18 November, his manager was notified of an administrative closure of the establishment for a period of two months. The Chat should not reopen before January 18, 2020. The dance floor will be deprived of party favors for the end of year celebrations. Unless the lawyer of the company Livaro, operator of the Nancy nightclub, gets in summary the annulment of the prefectural order before the Administrative Court (TA) of Nancy.

Black Cat's Advocate Prepares the Counterattack

"The summary is being drafted," said the council. "This decision is unfair, disproportionate and dangerous for the 20 permanent jobs". The decision of the prefecture of Meurthe-et-Moselle is the longest pronounced against the Black cat. Since the beginning of the year, the establishment had already been sanctioned twice by administrative closures of 8 and 15 days. Fights broke out regularly outside the box and law enforcement forces sometimes intervene massively to restore calm. To the chagrin of a neighborhood overwhelmed by these nocturnal disturbances to public order. In the last six years, the box has been targeted by seven closures.

Customer in a walker beaten in the discotheque

In addition to this liability, the new prefectural decree relies, this time, on a violent brawl to justify its decision. In September, around 3 pm, a fight broke out in the disco itself. A client – a disabled person who was moving in a walker – was severely beaten. Balance: several fractures in the face. And 28 days of ITT. "These acts of violence are linked to excessive alcohol consumption and are directly related to the operating conditions and / or the use of the establishment," the decree says.

Alcoholic suspect

One of the fugitive suspects was finally arrested by the police and placed in police custody. The person in a state of drunkenness admitted that he had taken part in a fight, but that he did not beat the victim in a walker. "We are accused of having sold too much alcohol to this person (the alleged perpetrator) but it could very well be alcoholic elsewhere than in the disco," notes the lawyer. And to clarify that the establishment has "alerted the rescue, informed and guided the police to allow the arrest of this man. Of some 2,000 people hosted between Thursday and the weekend, there is necessarily, sometimes, a jerk. But again, we did everything we could. " At TA to enjoy.

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