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He is a deeply touched man who welcomes us to the training center of FC Sion in Riddes. "I've been thinking about what I'm going to tell you, I'm not talking emotionally." Kevin Fickentscher is a FC Sion chopper – in nine seasons at Tourbillon he has had coaches. No way for him to rush into the shadows head down, the man usually walks a plumb that befits his vocation as a goalkeeper. But the recent statements of Stephane Henchoz to L'Illustre and Nouvelliste were right of his reserve. "It's all the locker room that our former coach attacked, I can not let that happen."

Kevin Fickentscher, did the statements of Stephane Henchoz surprise you?

Surprised, the word is weak. I was deeply disappointed by what he said. And I feel concerned because he put all the players in the same basket and only mentioned one name, that of Yassine Fortune (Editor's note: "What have the FC Sion players achieved so far? There is one, he played in London. Finally, he believes he played in London. But Fortune has only lived there. "). He is a young player who is not pretentious, he is the nicest of the group. Ok, he spent four years at Arsenal, should he blame him? It's really small to tackle a kid. Compared to my teammates, I do not find it normal that people are now this image of him when it is not true.

Do you still feel personally targeted?

Yes, because I'm part of this team and I do not accept some things he said. On some points he is right. But instead of attacking a youth in the press, why did not he tell us these things when he was with us? It reflects his coaching personality: he does not have the courage to stay polite, but it's another word that starts with "c" that comes to mind.

He never told you his truths in the locker room?

Personally, he never spoke to me about the five months he was our coach. Once he sent me an SMS, when I opened my skull in Lugano and we won (the goalkeeper played with a bandage before receiving six stitches on the forehead following a shock with the knee of Filip Holdener). So there he was glad that I had to bite my teeth for 30 minutes. Otherwise nothing, not a discussion, whether tactical, technical, or mentality. And it's the same for my teammates.

Kevin Fickentscher had played more than 30 minutes with a makeshift bandage on the front against Lugano, FC Sion having already made three changes.

And it was like this during his reign at FC Sion?

Yes exactly. And basically, he has the right to be like that, it's his personality, it's his style. I respect that. I did not need him to motivate me before every game, I'm big enough to know what I have to do. But I notice that he has more courage against the journalists than against the players. And yet he has often had the opportunity to tell us things.

Do you have an example?

When St. Gallen was received in Tourbillon (Editor's note: 1-2 defeat on September 25th), two of our players arrived late at the snack of 16h – we played at 20h. And when I say late, it's late, like 15-20 minutes, most of the others had finished eating. This is not normal, we agree? Well when the two players passed the coach into the room, he looked at them as if nothing had happened. And worst of all: these two players were then holders at kickoff. In this kind of situation, what will the players who were there and who find themselves replacing or even in the stands think? What message does the coach give? Why did not he say anything to them? Why did he not take any punishment? He has no heart, no courage. And then, he'll whine to the president.

That's revealing what do you think?

I do not know. Was he just afraid of the reaction of his players? Did not he want to hurt anyone? I'm sorry, at one point, he's the boss, it's up to him to intervene. Why did not he do it then and prefer to do it now in the newspapers?

A recurring reproach in the mouth of Stephane Henchoz is that of a lack of character in the group of the inhabitants. This is a criticism he addressed directly to the cloakroom?

No. Apart from his tactical talks, he never told us a single truth. And yet, sometimes it would have been good. Like: "Listen, you did not do enough, you have to do more." Never, he always hid. He speaks to us of character, but does he have more than us? It's easy to shout like a polecat on the edge of the field for 90 minutes to do well in front of the cameras, but then to put it in front, truths good to hear, to get things done, there no one else.

Was he afraid of some leaders?

If Behrami left, why do you think? There may be other reasons, including his relationship with the coach, that we have read everywhere. When Stephane Henchoz says we are light years away from the Champions League, he should be wondering where he is in his coaching career after his first three stages. He has certainly had a very good career as a player, he has all my respect for that, but he can not rely on this achievement to become a good coach.

You who know better than anyone the group sedunois from the inside, does his statement "you must stroke these pseudo-stars in the direction of the hair" corresponds to your locker room?

No, nothing. I never heard anyone complain that it was too hard. When I read that we cried because there were two trainings a day, it annoys me because it's wrong. I have always done my job, I have never complained. And again, when there were two workouts a day, he was not even there for the weight training session.

In the group, no one complained of overworking?

To my knowledge, no one has ever come to the coach to say "this afternoon I do not train, we work too much." And we always worked. Of course there are always two or three who grumble, but it's the same everywhere, in all groups. But in the end they are on the ground and they are working the same thing.

Stephane Henchoz also points to the fact that FC Sion players are overpaid (The Illustre articulates a figure of 60'000 francs per month). It's reality?

It shocks me, first of all because I do not earn by far not 60'000 francs a month; I do not know if a player on our team wins, and if so much better for him. And then, he talks about education and a child-spoiled mentality. My parents taught me simple values, which I think is a good education. I am a family man: I try to convey these values ​​of humility and respect to my son – my daughter is still too small. I do everything to be a good father, and when I read that, it pisses me off because I have not been educated like that. And then, people who read that they will get a wrong idea of ​​FC Sion players. So of course I make a good living, and I'm very happy about it, but if I'm lucky it's also because I worked for and I guarantee that it was not always easy. The path to becoming a professional footballer is not easy. These statements, I find them unfair, it hurts me, but also to my family and the club.

Stephane Henchoz said that in Xamax he could be harder than in Sion, because he had in front of him in Neuchatel players of character. How was he with you everyday?

He was very brittle. After that, if it's his way of doing things and he's consistent, I can accept that. Once in training, he said to a player "try to do a cross, finally if you get there with your qualities …". It can make you laugh, but in this case it was just hurtful. Henchoz was lucky to be nice people in this cloakroom, because elsewhere he would have picked up some slaps with his words. And just to come back to Neuchatel: he says that there, he had fantastic players who could all have been captain. But when we played against them – twice, in friendly and league – the pre-match theory, his former players had to have ears whistling. Out of respect, I will not tell you what he said, but personally, I would not have liked to be in their shoes.

How does the group live without the authority Stephane Henchoz?

Has he once had authority? I'm wondering now. Then the group lives by the results, so to tell you that all is well lie. I feel the group affected by the words of our former coach, because it's hurtful. But in any case we do not work less, on the contrary. There we come out of an international week, a priori devoted to recovery, and when you look at the program, it is more intense with Christian Zermatten than it was with Stephane Henchoz.

Do you feel that you feel betrayed?

Yes, it's a betrayal. He shifts stuff on our band while he is not flawless either. As if he had done everything right, I do not see any questioning on his part. He thought he was more handsome and smarter than everyone else when he got here. And we followed him, we did not cheat. Personally, I even paid for it (he shows his scar on his forehead). I do not ask for a medal, I did it because it's my job. Whether people like me or not, find me good or bad, it's football, I accept it. But do not tell me we're cheaters.

Stephane Henchoz also relays the idea, commonly held, that in Zion it is the players who make the law. It's a bit true, is not it?

I have never seen a player go to the president and say "this coach should be fired". It is bad knowing Christian Constantin. It is the direction of the club that makes the law. The players are not consulted, they also accept this reality: in Sion, the heads change faster than elsewhere.

Have you ever played against your coach?

There are no cheaters in this locker room. Nobody ever said "go today we lose this game and that way the coach is far away". The players are primarily responsible for what is happening on the pitch, that's true, but I can guarantee you that every game they want to win. What is the point of losing? Already, being well ranked, it's good for everyone, even for those who think only individually. And what's more, when we win, we receive victory bonuses

You could one day rework with Stephane Henchoz?

Frankly, he disappointed me too much for that. And this disappointment is shared by the group. In fact, I realized that it was a fake. When we won he would hit us on the shoulder and when we lost we saw a lot less. It's impossible for me to work with this kind of people.

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