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Golfer Bale incensed Madrid with flag cheers

More provocation is hardly possible. After the European Championship qualifier with Wales Bale cheered with his teammates in front of a flag that mocks Real Madrid so to speak. A farewell to the star striker in winter is approaching.

At the Madrilenians below: Gareth Bale (M) cheers with his Welsh teammate Aaron Ramsey (l).
At the Madrilenians below: Gareth Bale (M) cheers with his Welsh teammate Aaron Ramsey (l).

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Madrid. The cheering scenes of 100-million-man Gareth Bale in front of a provocative flag did not go down well in Madrid.

"Bale mocked Madrid," wrote the sports newspaper "AS," and "Marca" read: "This is Bale's fiercest impudence against Madrid, and the relationship between the club and the player has deteriorated."

What happened? After the Welshmers' successful qualifiers through a 2-0 home win over Cardiff in Hungary, Bale and Co. hopped behind a large flag that read: "Wales, Golf, Madrid. – In this order." Creative Welsh football fans had made the banner based on a critical commentary from former real-star Predrag Mijatovic on Bale. "First and foremost, he is interested in the national team of Wales, then comes golf, and then Madrid," was the verdict of the Real winner in the 1998 Champions League final during a TV program.

At least since this week, Bale is likely to have no future for the Royal. Already at the edge of the game in Azerbaijan, the 30-year-old had hinted that he would rather be in the Welsh selection: "It's like playing with your old friends in the park, I speak my language in Wales and I feel better . " However, he will always give 100 percent, no matter where he plays.

He hardly played any more in Madrid. Bale and Real, the relationship is becoming more and more a huge misunderstanding. For € 100 million, the highly talented striker 2013 Tottenham Hotspur was the Spanish record champions changed. But Bale was injured more often when he shined on the court. His two goals in the Champions League triumph in 2018 against Liverpool were among the rare moments of genius. Coach Zinedine Zidane has repeatedly suggested that he can not do much with Bale.

In summer, the high-paying striker should actually leave Real. The change to China failed at the last moment. Bale stayed and was injured again. Since October 5, he had denied any more competitive game for Real. For 46 days he did not even attend the training. At home games he also likes to leave the stadium before the final whistle. Just in time for the decisive games in the European Championship qualifiers, he was fit again. "We've always had patience with your thousand injuries, we've accepted your passion for golf, and also your bad Spanish, Basta now," read "Madrid Sports" on Twitter.

Thus, the return to Madrid for Bale in the coming days should be uncomfortable. Maybe he has but also forced his farewell only. A change to the English record champions Manchester United in winter is already under discussion.

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