'Joker 2' is underway while Todd Phillips seeks to make movies focused on the origins of DC characters


He was more than sung, since after becoming the highest rated adult film in history and overcome the $ 1 billion collection barrier, Warner already prepares everything for 'Joker 2', a sequel to Todd Phillips' hit film with Joaquin Phoenix.

The information comes from The Hollywood Reporter, where they assure that Warner already made the proposal to Phillips to be in charge of directing the sequel, that he would count again with Scott Silver as a screenwriter and Joaquin Phoenix in the role of Arthur Fleck, aka 'Joker'.

Imagine a tape centered on the origins of Lex Luthor.

According to the information, on October 7, Todd Phillips met with Toby Emmerich, president of Warner Bros., encouraged by the $ 96.2 million raised during the first weekend of the 'Joker' exhibition. Phillips had a great proposal: develop a portfolio of stories of origins of some DC characters for potential films.

Emmerich would immediately have refused that proposal, since Warner is usually very jealous of DC's rights. According to THR, Emmerich made it clear to Phillips that the first deal had been for a DC movie and only one, but that I proposed to take care of the sequel to 'Joker'.

So far, Phillips has not confirmed his participation and, according to THR, continues negotiating with Warner the agreements for 'Joker 2', while the proposal to make new films of origins is on the table and will be analyzed by Warner.

As for 'Joker', it is already the fourth DC movie that exceeds $ 1 billion. The other three are 2018 'Aquaman' with $ 1.150 million, 'The Dark Knight Rises'of 2012 with 1.080 million dollars and' The Dark Knight 'of 2008 with 1,000 million dollars.

But the appeal of 'Joker' is that thanks to its budget of only 62.5 million dollars Your benefits will be higher than other DC tapes. On the other hand, everything seems to indicate that Phillips knew that 'Joker' would be a success and, as they point out in THR, he negotiated his starting salary in exchange for an amount based on the maximum box office raised, so estimates suggest that It will take more than 100 million dollars when the tape leaves the billboard.

It is expected that in the coming days we will hear from 'Joker 2', where Phillips confirmation is expected and a possible release date by Warner.

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