Luka Doncic is he a MVP candidate? His coach responds


Impressive this season, Luka Doncic turns heads. The Slovenian displays a level of hallucinatory game, worthy of an MVP. In any case, for his coach Rick Carlisle, he is undeniably a candidate for this trophy.

Rookie of the year last season after an exercise that would be almost legendary, Luka Doncic started his sophomore year on the run. At this point, the legendary word would be a euphemism. The Mavericks player is absolutely divine, neither more nor less.

With 6 triple-doubles in 14 games in the 2019-2020, the Slovenian is playing at an incredible level of play for a player of only 20 years. This season, he is the league's fourth-leading scorer with 29.5 points (61.3% shooting, 31.4% distance) on average per game, the second-best passer with 9.3 and the twelfth best rebounder (the 11 players in front of him are interiors) with 10.7 shots per game.

Very clearly, Luka Doncic evolves like a MVP in power. For many, after only one month of competition, he is already an indisputable candidate for this trophy. At only 20 years old, it's unheard of. The Mavericks player is writing his legend under our eyes, and it's quite monumental.

Asked about the level of play of his player, Rick Carlisle does not stretch too much but does not hesitate a second: Doncic deserves his place among the considerations for the title of MVP.

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I asked Rick Carlisle today if Luka Doncic should be mentioned in the MVP conversation this year. His answer: "I do not talk much about trophy stories. But yes. "

Impossible to contradict him as long as the Wonder Boy is strong. The competition will be tough. LeBron James and Anthony Davis do not clearly turn thumbs to the Los Angeles side. His neighbor from Texas, James Harden, is also historic this season. And what about the titleholder, Giannis Antetokounmpo, which continues to progress.

But the mere fact of being mentioned among all these names when it is only sophomore is already incredible. At the age of 20, Luka Doncic is part of the league without the slightest challenge to the top ten players in the current league.

Collectively, the Mavericks surprise. Winners of 8 of their 13 games at the time of writing, they are 5th in the Western Conference. The season is still long, but if Doncic maintains this level of play throughout the exercise … a qualification in the playoffs will be seriously conceivable.

The Warriors are already out-of-race, the Spurs and Blazers in great difficulty, the Mavs can actually invite themselves in the games of the post-season. It would be a fair reward for Luka Doncic.

For his coach, Luka Doncic is already an MVP candidate. Rick Carlisle reassures himself, millions of fans around the world share his opinion. The Slovenian is a jewel, and if he is not MVP this season, he will undoubtedly be in the near future.

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