MLS decided to terminate Brian Fernandez's contract with Portland Timbers


Argentine striker Brian Fernandez of the Portland Timbers will not continue with the US team after the Professional Football League (MLS) has terminated his contract for violating the current anti-doping program.

The announcement of Fernandez's departure was officially announced by the Timbers last night through a statement after being notified by MLS of the final decision.

The same occurred because Fernandez, 25, did not comply with the league's substance abuse and healthy behavior program.

League rules allow MLS to terminate a player's contract if it violates the anti-doping program, in addition to being subject to penalties for testing positive for a prohibited substance, non-compliance or refusing to undergo a drug test as required. agreement.

In addition, according to several newspaper sources, MLS also plans to sue Fernandez's former team, the MX League Necaxa.

The basis of the lawsuit was not immediately clear, but it seems unlikely that the Timbers or MLS can recover some of the money spent on Fernandez's signing, unless the Necaxa admitted that it did not disclose the relevant information during the process of transfer.

Fernandez, 25, joined the Timbers in May after the club acquired him from Necaxa for a record transfer of the team that ranged between 10 and 12 million dollars.

The Necaxa had got the young Argentine forward for five million dollars.

Fernandez had an immediate impact on Portland, with five goals in his first six games after making his debut in Houston against Dynamo, on May 15, the first game in the MLS.

He then scored 11 goals in 16 regular season games (19 appearances).

But Fernandez scored only once in his last seven appearances with the Timbers in the regular season, since his playing time was limited due to what the team called health problems caused by a stomach virus.

Now it seems that the loss of form and absences were related to Fernandez's problems outside the field.

There were rumors that Fernandez exhibited erratic behavior and training sessions had been missed.

The Argentine player voluntarily entered the league's substance abuse and healthy behavior program early last October before reintegrating into the Timbers.

When he returned, Fernandez continued to work with the doctors of the anti-doping program, in addition to training alone at the club's facilities, but did not participate in the work sessions with the rest of the team.

Fernandez did not play in the final game of the regular season they played against the San Jose Earthquakes on October 6 while serving a red card suspension. Then he lost the lonely Portland playoff game after entering the anti-doping program.

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