Pessimism at Denise Bombardier VS optimism at Sonia LeBel


A home, several nests

The francophonie extends beyond Quebec's borders, largely because former Quebecers have become Acadians, Franco-Ontarians, Fransaskois or others. There are 12 minority communities across the country with roots in the St. Lawrence Valley.

These descendants act as the vanguard. Even if dark auguries predict a disastrous aftermath, they are moving Quebec away from the front line where, in the morning and evening, Shakespeare's tongue is rubbed.

Of course, soldiers fall in battle, but the numbers continue to grow. French-born descendants found families, and French-speaking New Canadians of all origins joined them.

Minister Sonia LeBel with Ontario Francophone Affairs Minister Caroline Mulroney.

From the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic

This language that everyone understands in Quebec, I spoke with a Fransaskois aboard his combine that slept the wheat in a huge field with gold colors.

I also spoke for three days aboard a crabeater in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where more land was in sight, and then in an underground mine in northern New Brunswick.

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