RACING The most equal Racing in history


Never in history, in any category since LaLiga started on 28/29, Racing had added as many draws as now, 10 in just 16 days. The record at this stage of the season was the team that trained Laureano Ruiz in 79/80, in Second, with 8 matches after playing the 16th round. Later, in the absence of 11 days, Manolo Fernandez Mora replaced Laureano on the bench. That team finished LaLiga with 16 draws in 38 games, the second highest in the history of the club ..

The absolute record of draws, however, is held by Racing who trained Marcos Alonso in 96/97, which added 17 in, yes, 42 days…, to finish in half a table, the 13th First Division. That was the team, plagued by Russians and Uruguayans, who led Ceballos in the goal, Merino and Schurrer in defense, Zalazar and Billabona in the center of the field and Bestchastnykh and Petete Correa at the point of attack.

The Racing competed in that campaign in Primera with six rivals this season in LaLiga Smartbank: Depor, Tenerife, Zaragoza, Sporting, Oviedo and Rayo Vallecano. Undoubtedly, the seven, Racing included, lived better times. Many best.

Racing Shield / Flag

The newly dismissed coach, Ivan Ania, has finished with surprising numbers Regarding the amount of draws in its passage through the bench of El Sardinero: 24 of the 57 games he directed, between Segunda B and LaLiga Smartbank, finished in a match on the scoreboard, one more than victories, 23. Yes, the ovetense You can boast of losing too few games: only 10.

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