Real Madrid: Zidane smelled that James Rodriguez could be injured


James he came back broken of his call with Colombia. Did in Miami two workouts complete at the orders of Queiroz and that reinforced the thought that Zidane had been very unfair to him. But in the third essay followed at the Florida International University suffered a sprain of the internal lateral ligament of his left knee, the good one. In the best case, a month off. It will not reach Classic 18-D. A pity

Zidane smelled it. Many were surprised (I included myself in that group of skeptics) because I saw that James he spent ten days going to the gym in Valdebebas (over there it coincided with Bale) and that in no case was exercised with the group. The Web the club got to say a couple of days ago solo trained …

According could know AS, in those days of coffee ostracism, James he got to consult the French technician about his desire to to train with the rest of his classmates The answer of Zinedine was firm: "You better be at one hundred by one hundred. When you no longer have any trouble you will come back to top and recovered. "James came to interpret it as a gesture more on that distancing that both have maintained for years. Zizou lbequeathed to say in Press conference that famous phrase full of nuances and interpretations: "James and Bale have no injury, but they are not available. They still do not train with the group and cannot play. Now they leave with their selections and that's it we will see"Well, it's seen.

Shield / Flag Colombia

As if he smelled it, in the left-handed case of Cucuta it has been shown that perhaps I was forcing too much wanting to play despite dragging those little muscle discomforts that have prevented him have continuity from the course start. His last appearance, on October 22, was only eleven minutes in Istanbul. Now it's his turn start again. Zidane already smelled it …

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