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China is investing in sport, especially in football, and wants to find a place among the most influential countries in the world. Elements favorable to Belgian companies active – and globally recognized – in sports technologies and the organization of events, well represented during the Belgian economic mission to Beijing and Shanghai.

Gathered within the club "Sports & Entertainment Technology" of the Agoria federation, local companies came to defend their expertise to a panel of Chinese guests selected on Tuesday in Beijing. In attendance, the Deputy Minister of Sports, senior officials of the Chinese Olympic Committee, the Asian Games Committee and professional football federations in China, among others. Nice people come to see what Belgian companies can bring in terms of organizing sports events, technologies and sustainability.

China is a destination not to be missed by EVS et al. Since the Middle Kingdom has the will, and the necessary means, to organize more and more important sporting events, the World Cup. clubs (football) in 2021, at the Winter Olympics the following year, and who knows – it will be known in a few years – maybe the World Cup football in the not-so-distant future, in 2030 or 2034. The country has in any case marked his interest, and does not lack arguments to seduce Fifa.

Depending on the areas of activity, the first contacts must be made four or five years before the organization of such large-scale events. If contracts are not yet in question, the flat country companies have scored on Tuesday with their potential Chinese customers, remained in number after the seminar to discover the giant business card EVS, Barco and Showtex, installed at the hotel where – before leaving in the afternoon for Shanghai – resided the Belgian delegation in Beijing.

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