Sierre was not so far from upsetting the …


Sierre failed to continue his winning streak at home. But he does not have to be ashamed of this defeat against the leader. At the end of the match, he could have even offered an extension.

Regrets: two opportunities in the last minutes

Sierre has not gone far to afford an extension. Less than four minutes from the end, Gil Ducret was just to be alone in front of the Jura goalkeeper. He could not conclude. And especially, one minute of the third mermaid, Sierre has offered a situation to three against one. He badly negotiated it. Behind, Ajoie was able to seal the score in the empty cage. "The finish was lacking," regrets Loïc Privet. "But we did not make a bad match. There is a way to build on this meeting beyond defeat. "

The start of the match: Sierre made equal play

Where Sierre had been abused, sometimes asphyxiated by Olten, Langenthal or Kloten, recently he avoided being cornered in his area. Better, he did at least equal play during the first third. He has sometimes dressed to the hurry, via some clearances forbidden, to ward off the danger. Sierre especially refused to be dominated, assisted in this by Ajoie, cautious at first. "The first minutes condition the whole meeting," says Loïc Privet. "This time we were in it."

The turning point: two goals in 47 seconds

Sierre let slip the match in the space of 47 seconds, in the middle of the second third. A good service from Devos for Schmutz, a confusing situation before Giovannini – also touched on this action – concluded by Huber, Ajoie then materialized his best time. The Jurassians had raised their level of play, and the pace, for five or six minutes. The count of shots on goal – 14 to 7 – illustrates the physiognomy of this median third. "It's true that these two goals do not fall out of nowhere," admits the striker. "They hurt us but they did not knock us out either. The proof, we came back to the third third. "

Strangers: small gestures of frustration

There are gestures that do not deceive. Thus, Philipp-Michael Devos and Jonathan Hazen, used to regularly ask the opposing goalkeepers, have not sent any shots squared for more than forty minutes. Much more discreet than in other circumstances, they suggested some attitudes that betrayed legitimate frustration. "They turned us around perfectly but we gave them a minimum of shots (note: only one for Devos). It was important to avoid being under pressure. "

The series: five, that was enough

Sierre remained on five home wins. It was therefore necessary that the other leader, after Kloten, arrives in Graben for this series to end. Ajoie is also the fourth team, after Grasshopper, Winterthur and Olten, to have made full points against the Valaisans: six in two confrontations.

1 SIERRE (0-0-1)
3 LAOIE (0-2-1)

Ice rink Graben, 2292 spectators. Referees: MM. Fluri, Erard, Micheli and Francey.
Goals: 30'00 Schmutz-Devos 0-1; 30'47 Huber-Joggi 0-2; 41'29 A. Montandon-Asselin (Sierre at 5 against 4) 1-2, 59'11 Staiger (Ajoie at 5 against 6, in the empty cage) 1-3.
Penalties: 1 x 2 'against + 10' (Primeau) Sierre, 2 x 2 'against Ajoie.
Sierre: Giovanini; Meyrat, Bezina; Dozin, Wyniger; Mr. Montandon, Smons; Surprise, Devesvre; Primeau, Castonguay, Heinimann; Asselin, A. Montandon, Kyparissis; Rimann, Ducret, Vouillamoz; Fellay, Privet, Abreu. Coach: Dany Gelinas.
Ajoie: Aebi; Ryser, Pouilly; Birbaum, Dotti; Casserini, Hauert; Arnold, Prysi; Hazen, Devos, Schmutz; Staiger, Privet, Joggi; Huber, Frossard, Muller; Macquat, Mader, Schmid. Coach: Gary Sheehan.
Notes: Sierre without Impose, Massimino (wounded), Bernazzi, Vouardoux (supernumerary), Patry (with GE Servette).

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