Sport lorrain | Joe Casale goes up in the quarter


World's Championships

This Wednesday in Phnom Penh

A little before the French team in which he rubs Jacques "Dawson" Dubois Lyons, Gardner Jordan Scholl and Nyoisien Flavien Sauvage begins his journey in traditional game, the Tomblain Joe Casale has crossed a serious landing in the Cambodian capital , on the occasion of this second day of competition. The day before, the gunner had indeed entered his marksmanship championship in a simply honest way.

While he was among the favorites for the title alongside the representatives of Madagascar, Monaco and Italy, the European champion of the discipline had achieved the fourth total. A result more than honorable in the absolute, except that the son of Stephanie and Romuald Casale was tied with two other players and was finally relegated to sixth position in the number of tiles.

Second in the repechage

This forced him to go through a repechage, which he had to hang one of the first four rows against twelve other contenders. Or the opposite of a formality, even if he left with his initial score. But in the end, the guy got out of this trap.

With a mark of 38 a bit higher than his first run, the former Neodomian was second in this session behind the Thai Peempod Rinkeaw, author of him, a trip to 46 points. He qualified for the quarter of this Friday. As a fully fulfilled mission.

Resume this Thursday at 8 am local time, with the fourth round triplets and the round of 16 at 15:30, or 6:30, French time.

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