The NBA celebrates the return of Melo


After a 376-day absence, Carmelo Anthony returned to the NBA, starting with the Portland Trail Blazers on Tuesday against the New Orleans Pelicans. Anthony was wearing number 00, since number 15 is retired in Portland (Larry Steele), and 7 has been out of circulation since Brandon Roy last used it in 2011, but Anthony's return in an NBA stave It was enough to excite his friends and colleagues across the Association on Twitter.

Melo was part of the starting quintet against the Pelicans. Photo: Getty

Not surprisingly, the first player who tweeted about Anthony's return was his old friend and member of the 2003 draft class, LeBron James, hours before he entered the stave for his own game on Tuesday.

The recently retired Dwyane Wade, who was selected two posts after Melo in 2003, only needed one word, with a few additional 'o's', perhaps to represent Anthony's new number and express his enthusiasm.

Jusuf Nurkic, still in rehabilitation of his leg injury, was ready to see his new teammate.

The rest of the NBA was equally excited to see what Anthony would look like after a year.

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