These are the teams qualified for the 2021 Gold Cup


At the end of the first phase of the League of Nations of Concacaf, 8 teams got their ticket to play the 2021 Gold Cup. Mexico, the United States, Honduras, Costa Rica and El Salvador are some of the recurring selections in the most important event in North, Central America and the Caribbean. The big surprise will be Suriname, who achieved his first classification in the history of the island.

The League of Nations awards will be the competition in charge of giving the tickets for the Gold Cup and for the playoffs. For this, Concacaf teams that play in the A or B league must be in first or second place in their group; while those who play in the C must remain first to look for the playoff pass.

At the end of the group stage, as expected the strong selections of the Confederation (Mexico, United States, Canada, Hoduras) They got their ticket "easy" for the most important Concacaf tournament. Jamaica, El Salvador and Canada are other teams that have already qualified and are recurring in the Gold Cup.

Another of the things that left this first phase of the League of Nations was lto the surprise of not seeing teams like Trinidad and Tobago or Bermuda in the Contest of the Conference, this thanks failed to be among the first places in his group.

Surprises for the 2021 Gold Cup

This League of Nations brought with it Suriname's first classification to this competition, the Caribbean team won for the first time in history a ticket to this tournament by being the first place in group D of League B.

The other surprise is the return of Granada to the Gold Cup after 10 years, third in its history. In the first two times they played this competition they lost all their matches and in the 2011 edition it was the only time they scored a goal; same that marked Honduras in defeat 7-1.

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