UEFA EURO 2020: drawing of the barriers Friday | European qualifiers


The draw for the UEFA EURO 2020 draws will take place on Friday 22 November 2019. The 16 teams that have won their UEFA Nations League group will play the play-offs – one per league – except those already qualified for the finals at the end of the qualifying rounds. Europeans.


Lane A : Iceland, Bulgaria / Israel / Hungary / Romania*
Track B : Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovakia, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland
Path C : Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Bulgaria / Israel / Hungary / Romania*
Track D : Georgia, North-Nacedo, Kosovo, Belarus

* A draw will be needed to find out who from Bulgaria, Israel, Hungary will occupy the vacant place in Track C, and which of the three days in Track A.

Key points

  • The meetings of the play-offs are decided following the group stage of the UEFA Nations League, which ends in November 2018.
  • There will be four different "tracks" based on the UEFA Nations League.
  • The draw is only used to determine the potential host teams for the final of each track (the semifinal posters are pre-determined by the overall rankings).
  • The roadblocks, in March 2020, consist of semi-finals and finals in singles matches. They determine the last four teams qualified for UEFA EURO 2020, with the winners joining the first two teams in each qualifying group.

Who in dams?

  • Four places in the play-offs are awarded to each league of the UEFA Nations League (from D to A), unlike the alphabetical order.
  • The winners of the UEFA Nations League groups qualify directly as play-offs, unless they have qualified directly for the finals via the playoffs.
  • If a UEFA Nations League group winner is directly qualified for the finals, then the team closest to him in the league standings from which they come (see UEFA Nations League Regulations) and who is not directly qualified plays the dams.
  • If less than four teams from the same league participate in the play-offs, then the remaining places are awarded according to the overall classification of the UEFA Nations League (see Regulations of the UEFA Nations League) to the top ranked teams and who are not directly qualified, taking into account however that a group winner can not end up in play-offs with a better ranked team.
  • Certain conditions may be applied depending on the approval of the UEFA Executive Committee, including the principles of hat distribution and the possibility that teams from the host associations of the final tournament must be drawn in different ways.

How do the four lanes work?

  • In each track, the teams are ranked 1 to 4 according to their place in the overall classification of the UEFA Nations League.
  • The semifinals of each of the dams lanes will be played as follows:
    a) The first ranked team plays at home against the team ranked fourth.
    b) The second ranked team plays at home against the third ranked team.
  • For each of the playoff finals, a draw is made upstream to determine the winners of the semi-finals playing at home.
  • The winner of each of the finals is qualified for UEFA EURO 2020.

Key dates

Draw of the dams: November 22
Draw of the final phase: November 30, 2019
Semi-finals of the dams: March 26-28, 2020
Finals of the dams: March 29-31, 2020
Extra draw for the final tournament (if necessary): April 1, 2020
Final phase: June 12-July 12, 2020

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