"Bourges is part of my story": -M- will open Spring 2020 at the W


The programmers of Printemps de Bourges would have liked that Matthieu Chedid, aka -M-, opens the festival this year. But the tour of the singer-guitarist began in February, he remained full of settings to tweak in his show.
Playing alone with machinery that worked like a clock, the artist did not feel ready, as did his team. In addition, he had a second child on February 2, so the planets were not aligned for his arrival at the Printemps de Bourges 2019. But, hooray! It's showing in the 2020 edition, and not just a bit. We joined it this Wednesday, before a new concert at the Bus Palladium, in Paris.
Do you have a special relationship with the Printemps de Bourges?
-M-: Bourges is part of my story. It's a festival that marks and that's why I could not do it this year. I really wanted to be ready while the show was still running. I really want quality, especially as the Printemps de Bourges is close to my heart. I am very honored to be asked again because the festival is very important to me. We come from outside the tour date, because it will start in May, to continue until at least September.
This solo concert is a desire or a challenge?
I started the concerts in February at Cirque d'Hiver and it was a real communion with the public, a real alchemy. The idea too is to be able to blur the a priori on robots, to humanize them. This required months of experimentation and teamwork of about sixty people.
Alone on stage, is it to feed the ego?
I do not intend to shine but to enlighten people. Let them come out of the concert with a smile on their lips. Since February, these are highlights that remind me of my very first concerts. It's a homecoming, but not with the same means.

Francois Lesbre
Find in a few minutes the other names of the first part of the Spring 2020 program.

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