Caught in the bag, he tries to pretend to be a policeman


Police illustration. – E. Frisullo / 20 Minutes

Even on a misunderstanding, it did not work. On Wednesday, an opportunistic thief was put to flight by his victim in Marly, near
Valenciennes, in the North, was learned from police source. He had tried to
to pretend to be a policeman.

Around 11pm, Wednesday, a man goes up the street Jean-Jaures, in Marly. In the good luck luck, he tests the doors of the houses and ends up finding one that has not been locked. He enters quietly, without breaking in, in the home and falls on a purse which he seizes.

He improvises and pretends to be a policeman

Except that at the same time, the tenant of the home, and owner of the bag, arrives and discovers the individual ready to set sail. This one does not dismount for all that. According to the police, he introduces himself as a police officer and says that he has just found the purse. Filled with a foolproof confidence, the man tries the blow and asks the tenant's credit card code.

But the victim is not fooled and calls for help. Cries that make the man run away with the purse. He will not go far though. A patrol of the BAC falls on him and passes him the claws. The prospect of being taken into custody does not please the suspect who, while being transported to the police station, is accused of insulting and threatening the police. In addition to the facts of theft, he must also be held in contempt of court.

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