Colombia with Mateus Uribe's goal beat Ecuador 1-0 in Friendly FIFA Date 2019


Colombia finished the double date in the United States in the best way. The cast of Carlos Queiroz He reconciled with his fan after the terrible win that Algeria gave him (3-0) and added two victories that leaves him expedited for the beginning of the Heats in March 2020.

The Colombian national team took the actions of the party. Morelos and Uribe disturbed the arc defended by Padilla, goalkeeper who was safe in his Ecuadorian area.

The "tricolor" appealed to the counter attack with his best man; Enner Valencia by the ends. Ibarra also caused danger in the arc of Ospina.

Before closing the first half, Colombia He got on top of the marker. Diaz Center and after a rally, Media managed to enable Mateus Uribe to open the bookmark in New Jersey.

For the complement, Martinez wasted two chances to score but the goalkeeper Padilla It was huge in its bow. Ecuador he also had two scoring chances with Enner Valencia, Nevertheless, Ospina He also beat in his bow.

In the end, the scoreboard did not move, being a positive balance for Colombia who won two victories after being without four games without winning.

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Ecuador vs Colombia minute by minute

TODAY Live DirecTV Ecuador vs Colombia ONLINE Caracol TV and Canal del Futbol close the FIFA date of November before the start of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers. Transmission LIVE via Soccer Channel GOL Caracol Radio TV Cable CNT Party TODAY. In addition, will bring you the minute by minute of this friendly international to be played in New Jersey

Second time

End of the game in New Jersey. Ecuador 0-1 Colombia.

87 'Valencia (E) shoots wide.

80 'Lerma and Moreno (C)

70 'Estrada and Caicedo (E) entered

65 'Wilmar Barrios (C) hits a shot from a distance. Deflected.

58 'Diaz center to the area and Uribe heads. Almost!

54 'Diego Lopez (E) finished off on Ospina's goal.

46 'Martinez and Murillo entered Colombia.

45 'Lopez and Plata entered Ecuador.

The second half is played in New Jersey.

First time

End of the first half in New Jersey.


42 'Uribe opens the account in New Jersey.

26 'Attempt missed. Valencia (E). Balloon passed near Ospina's arch.

The New Jersey game started.

– 0 'The friendly started at the Red Bull Arena!

Alignment of Colombia: Ospina; Medina, Sanchez, Lucumi, Fabra Uribe; Barrios, Alzate Luis Diaz; Morelos and Mendoza.

Coach: Carlos Queiroz

Ecuador Alignment: Padilla: Arreaga, Carabali, Palacios, Ibarra, Mendez, Franco, Torres, Mena, Valencia, R. Ibarra.

Coach: Celic

Ecuador vs Colombia: previous

Colombia, without James Rodriguez due to injury, has just won last Friday at Peruvian National Team With an agonizing goal. At the same time, Ecuador He also won an important victory after beating Trinidad & Tobago 3-0 in an international friendly.

“We are in the team preparation strategy for the Copa America, but with very conscious eyes in the two qualifying matches for the World Cup. We came from playing against the runner-up of America, we have to respect the rivals, ”he said Carlos Queiroz on the friendlies prior to the start of the Qatar 2022 Eliminator.

In addition, the Colombian coach said: “Sometimes the results do not reward game quality. Other times you don't play so well but you get the result. Thus a winning mentality and an attitude of champions is built. Play well and win and when you play less well, fight and win ”

At the same time, Jorge Celico He also spoke of the friendly against Colombia. “The responsibility of playing with Colombia is different, it is a stronger selection, more accredited in this type of commitments and obviously, we take it with absolute responsibility … I try to be absolutely responsible in the position that I occupy and do my best, starting a process as if I were to follow, it seems to me that it is what corresponds (..). The Ecuadorian National Team required a replacement, I was gradually doing it, I was watching, I am seeing, there is an important number of players that even make it difficult for you to choose between one and the other. I have tried to broaden that spectrum, when they get qualifying to have those 25 or 30 players so that the group, the idea of ​​the game and the commitment are consolidated ”. "It's not a decision I make."

LIVE Ecuador vs Colombia friendly international

Colombia: David Ospina – Stefan Medina, Davinson Sanchez, Jhon Lucumi, Frank Fabra – Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, Wilmar Barrios, Mateus Uribe – Roger Martinez, Alfredo Morelos and Luis Muriel.

DT: Carlos Queiroz

Ecuador: Johan Padilla – Bryan Carabali, Felix Torres, Xavier Arreaga, Diego Palacios – Alan Franco, Jhegson Mendez, Angel Mena, Renato Ibarra – Michael Estrada and Enner Valencia.

DT: Jorge Celico

What time do LIVE play Ecuador vs Colombia friendly international?

Mexico: 7:00 p.m.
Peru: 8:00 p.m.
Ecuador: 8:00 p.m.
Colombia: 8:00 p.m.
United States: 8:00 p.m.
Venezuela: 9:00 p.m.
Bolivia: 9:00 p.m.
Argentina: 10:00 p.m.
Uruguay: 10:00 p.m.
Brazil: 10:00 p.m.
Chile: 10:00 p.m.
Paraguay: 10:00 p.m.
Spain: 02:00 hours.

Which Channel transmits LIVE Ecuador vs Colombia friendly international

Canada: beIN SPORTS CONNECT Canada, beIN Sports Canada

International: PPV

Colombia: TV snail

Colombia vs Ecuador FC LIVE | These are the odds of the bookmakers

According GoldenBet, Colombia is a favorite to win, but if you want to hit the dick you can bet on Ecuador. These are the fees for today.

Where to watch LIVE Soccer Channel Ecuador vs Colombia | TV channel guide

Cable TV: 250 SD and 750 HD

CNT: 300 SD and 700 HD

DirecTV: 635 SD and 1635 HD

Digital platforms to watch the duel

The Soccer Channel:

Movistar Play:

Download the Apps at:

Google Play Store: The Soccer Channel

Movistar Play: For iOS and Android

Where to watch DirecTV LIVE Ecuador vs Colombia | TV Guide Argentina HD

Exclusive channels for Peru, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela and Ecuador. It can also be viewed via DirecTV Go.

DirecTV Sports 1: Channel 610 (SD) and Channel 1610 (HD).
DirecTV Sports 2: Channel 612 (SD) and Channel 1612 (HD).
DirecTV Sports 3: Channel 613 (SD) and Channel 1613 (HD).

How to watch LIVE Soccer Channel Ecuador vs Colombia | TV channel guide

Cable TV: Channel 216 (SD) and Channel 746 (HD).
CNT: Channel 300 (SD) and Channel 700 (HD).
DirecTV: Channel 635 (SD) and Channel 1635 (HD).

Also on digital platforms. Enter in:

The Soccer Channel:
Movistar Play:

Download the App from the Google Play Store: The Soccer Channel, DirecTV GO and Movistar Play Ecuador.

How to watch CNT LIVE Ecuador vs Colombia | Friendly FIFA Date 2019

CNT TV: Channel 300 (SD) and Channel 700 (HD).

How to watch GOL Caracol TV LIVE Colombia vs Ecuador | TV channels

DirecTV Colombia: Channel 132 (SD) and Channel 1132 (HD).
Claro TV: Channel 106 (SD) and Channel 1006 (HD).
Movistar TV: Channel 156 (SD) and Channel 816 (HD).
Tigo: Channel 111 (HD).
Tigo: Channel 201 (HD).
Tigo Medellin: Channel 7 (SD).
Tigo Bogota: Channel 5 (SD).
Tigo Cartagena: Channel 30 (SD).
Claro TV: Channel 106 (SD) and Channel 1006 (HD).
HV Multiplay Cundinamarca: Channels 10/99 (SD).
HV Multiplay Antioquia: Channel 4 (SD) and Channel 406 (HD).
Colcable Cundinamarca and Meta: Channel 23.
Colcable Tolima: Channels 12/25
ETB: Channel 277 (SD) and Channel 252 (HD).
EMCALI: Channel 101.

Where will Colombia vs Ecuador LIVE TODAY?

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