Death Stranding – Highest connection level with BB: That's how it works


So you make friends with your BB. So you make friends with your BB.

In Death Stranding you are usually accompanied by your Bridge Baby, BB for short. As the game progresses, you can improve your connection to him and, so to speak, rise in popularity level. What you have and how to reach the best rating of 5 stars the fastest, you will learn here.

How can I see the popularity level?

  • Open the menu and click on "Bridge Links"
  • Click "x" (view your own statistics)
  • Selects the Delivery Statistics menu
  • Now scroll down to the item "BB Connection Statistics"

What brings a high connection level with BB?

If Sam is in danger, BB gets scared. How intimidated the little one is, you can tell by the corresponding display on the bottom left. If the bar is empty, it is under stress and "is not working properly" as Deadman would say. This is a big drawback for Sam, though, because BB recognizes nearby GDs and makes their outlines visible.

The higher your connection level, the more stress the baby will endure. The bar empties itself slower when you put yourself in danger, which in turn can save you as a player a lot of nerves. There is also a bronze trophy for your PS4 profile for a 5 star connection. This is called "caregiver".

The presence of GDs is stressful. If you escape or defeat them, there are likes from BB. The presence of GDs is stressful. If you escape or defeat them, there are likes from BB.

GDs and MULEs: fight or flee

Your BB can not stand GDs. If you are persecuted by them or stay close to them for a long time, the baby is stressed out. To win his favor you can therefore proceed in two ways: Either you fight the invisible beings, or you successfully flee from them.

To fight GDs, you need special weapons. Normal ammunition or the standard Bola Gun can not do anything against them. So it's best to always have blood grenades or anti-GD items that you unlock during the story.

Your BB is especially happy when you defeat GD bosses. Having Sam put some offensive gear on the map and then deliberately grabbing you, so the little GDs pull you to one of the big bosses, can be worthwhile. Defeat him and the baby will be happy for you.

What about MULEs? The addicted package bandits BB is also not well-disposed. Keep the ball flat in your areas and do not let yourself be discovered. This will be much easier later in the game as you unlock upgrades against their scans. If they discover you, avoid being hit by their Lightning Spears and run away best.

Beware of rapids. BB hates being underwater. Beware of rapids. BB hates being underwater.

Travel fast, but without accidents

As it turns out, BB likes to be in a rush of speed. You can move comparatively fast in Death Stranding with various aids. This works with the example motorcycle and its boost mode (L3), the speed skeleton or zip lines,

Jumping with the bike or reinforcing exo-skeletons are also very popular at BB. However, you should be careful here, because falls very quickly cause a lot of stress. A certain risk can pay off, but you should not overdo it. In normal running, you should be careful not to lose your balance, or fall down deep abysses.

BB is stressed, so reassure her

Sooner or later it will happen to you that BB loses its composure and falls into shock. In this case, you can no longer count on his help in GD areas and you should heal it as fast as possible. You have several options for that.

You should take breaks on long distances and entertain BB a bit. The baby thanks you. You should take breaks on long distances and entertain BB a bit. The baby thanks you.

How can BB be calmed down?

  • Private room: If you make it to a private room, you can watch BB and go to him. With the square button you can take it and gently rock it back and forth. This not only lowers the stress level, it also gives you a lot of likes for it!
  • Calm down on the way: You do not have to go to a private room, but you can also act directly after a danger situation. Keep L1 pressed for it looks down on the BB. Then press Rectangle and Sam releases the small tank from the holder. Again, there are likes for stress management.
  • Hot Springs: At different places in the game world you can swim in hot springs. Not only does Sam do well – his HP regenerate with it – but also BB appreciates this and rewards you with calm and likes.
  • Music: Later in the game, Sam can unlock a harmonica. When resting or bathing in hot springs, he can play them and calm the baby with the music. Alternatively, you can – like in front of the mirror – making funny faces or sounds and cheer BB with it.

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