Flamengo was fired for his fans with a shocking mobilization


Flamengo was fired for his fans with a shocking mobilization

More than 10,000 fans dismissed the Fla squad / Flamengo press

The Flamengo squad was fired yesterday by a crowd in Rio de Janeiro before traveling to Lima, where he settled at night. It is estimated that more than 10,000 fans moved to the hotel where the players were concentrated to give him the last breath before the final of the Copa Libertadores against River.

The team commanded by Jorge Jesus trained yesterday morning and, after lunch, got on the bus that moved him to the airport. There the fans crowded next to the vehicle and put together a real party with flags, flares and many songs. Through social networks, soccer players shared dozens of videos and photos.

Flamengo won the Liberators only once, in 1981, and the fans understand that this is the great opportunity to win the American championship. The team has been doing a huge season, as it left no doubts in the international competition and is also about to devote champion in the Brasileirao.

Interestingly, next weekend I could weaken two titles in less than 24 hours: on Saturday afternoon he will play the final of the Libertadores against River and, on Sunday, he could be Brazilian champion if Palmeiras does not beat the Guild.

Returning to the fans, in Brazil they speak of a massive mobilization to Peru that will surpass the places that it has available in the Monumental of Lima. Many will go without entrance to try their luck or, directly, to encourage from outside the enclosure.


Those fans of Flamengo who do not travel to Peruvian lands, will also have the opportunity to follow the game through the giant screens that will be installed in the mythical Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro. It is expected that close to 50,000 Fla fans will be present in that scenario.

The event was confirmed on Tuesday and was made by the request made by fans who do not have the opportunity to travel to Peru. The “Final Fun Fest – Libertadores 2019”, as the organization called it, will feature 10 LED screens of 60 m2, and 14 sound towers around the field that will broadcast the grand final of the Copa Libertadores.

To preserve the playing field, the fans will be located in the stands and the tickets will be worth between 55 and 640 reais (11 to 152 dollars). The Maracana will open its doors three hours before the start of the final so that the entrance is ordered.


Jorge Jesus, DT of Flamengo, made the same decision as Marcelo Gallardo: he made all the soccer players that make up the good faith list of the current Copa Libertadores travel to Lima.

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