Galtier attacks Mourinho after the departure of his deputies in Tottenham


Christophe Galtier took care not to mention the name of Jose Mourinho once, during the press conference on Thursday. But the Lille coach has clearly targeted his Portuguese counterpart which he criticized manners after having debauched two of his deputies, Joao Sacramento and Nuno Santos, to follow him to Tottenham. All interspersed with very long silences to weigh his words. Or make the audience feel angry. "Everyone has their way of doing things," he said before explaining that the Portuguese had "called Luis (Campos)", adviser to the president he is close, to announce his willingness to recruit both Portuguese.

"It's very classy to do like that"

Very bitter, Galtier took good care to choose his words when talking about the new Tottenham manager, seen twice at the Pierre-Mauroy stadium last season and who had particularly extolled his merits. Does he feel that he has been stabbed in the back? "I do not know if it should be interpreted like that," he replied. He continued his response after marking a very long moment of silence. "But it's very classy to do like that," he added, teeth clenched.

"I agree with the decision of my president"

He says he learned the news Tuesday night by a call from its president Gerard Lopez. "I was angry, annoyed because the timing was not good," he added, "everyone will judge how to do things, and most importantly, I agree with the decision. what did my president do? "

Before targeting the Portuguese technician, Galtier had not overwhelmed his two deputies or his president. He even ensures that he understands this choice. "By being completely transparent, my chairman informed me of the situation and also informed me of the decision he had made to let Joao and Nuno go," he said. I understand his decision, it's a pity, the timing is very bad, today's football is like that, but what could my president have done to two employees who want to leave and leave the project to change He made the decision to give them that possibility, he could not do otherwise. "

He does not want his assistants

He said he did not see the shot come after preparing the reception of PSG Friday (20.45, 14th day of Ligue 1), with Joao Sacramento and Nuno Santos. Their departure could not wait for this match? "Did the person who asked for them wait for the PSG match?" He questioned, still targeting Mourinho, and he's the one to ask the question. "

He says he does not "blame" his assistants. "I have also been in a deputy role and they have been solicited," he says, "they believe in this project, they want to go in. That's how it's football." Despite anger buried, he says he would have made the same decision as his leaders.

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