National Book Awards for Susan Choi, Sarah M. Broom, Laszlo Krasznahorkai



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The Trust Exercise, which received the National Book Award in the Fiction category on Wednesday night, is set in a high school of arts in the early 1980s, located in a suburban US suburb. At the heart of the coming-of-age novel is the love relationship between the students David and Sarah – and the role of their theater teacher Mr. Kingsley.

"Trust Exercise" is the fifth novel by author Susan Choi, who was born in 1969 in South Bend, Indiana, the daughter of a Korean father and a Jewish mother. In one <a href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Interview mit dem “New York Magazine” class=”text-link lp-text-link-ext ext-link” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>Interview with the "New York Magazine"She emphasized that anger drove her writing – on the one hand, the separation from her husband after 13 years, and on Donald Trump's successful presidential candidacy, in particular his boasting of sexual violence on the" Access Hollywood "set.

The jury praised the "intellectual rigor of their postmodern method," which Choi paired with a story that was "contemporary, mesmerizing, and, in the end, disturbing." At the award ceremony, Susan Choi expressed her gratitude, not only for the award, but also for her life as a writer, who showed her that the word itself could be a reward.

The National Book Awards, in addition to the Pulitzer Prize's most prestigious literary awards in the US, were presented for the 70th time at a gala in Manhattan on Wednesday. Juries, consisting of authors, critics, booksellers and other literary company representatives, awarded prizes in five categories.

For the best book in the nonfiction category, journalist Sarah M. Broom was honored with "The Yellow House" based on the New Orleans home she grew up in, her family's history, and about a hundred years of US history traces. Broom especially thanked her mother, who raised twelve children.

With a book about the year 1919, "The Year that Changed America", the experienced author Martin W. Sandler was able to win the prize for the best book for young readers. In the "Poetry" category Arthur Sze was awarded for his band "Sight Lines". For the jurors, the best translated book was the version of Hungarian novel Laszlo Krasznahorkai translated into English by Ottilie Mulzet, which was published in German in 2018 under the title "Baron Wenckheim's return" by S. Fischer.

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