'New' Apple factory plays main role in campaign video Trump


"Today I opened a large Apple plant in Texas that brings well-paid jobs back to America", tweeted Trump. The American president actually visited the factory of an Apple subcontractor, Flex Ltd (formerly Flextronics).

Flex has been moving since 2013 Mac Procomputers in one another, with components from all over the world. The factory is not new and has never been closed. Apple did intend to produce the Mac Pro to move to China. This was waived in exchange for an exemption from import duties on products from China.

Trump proud

"We see the start of a very powerful and important factory," Trump says in the video. "Everyone who has followed my campaign, I was always talking about Apple, that I want to see Apple build factories in the US again. That is happening now," said Trump.

Apple is not building a factory, but it is building a new campus in Austin, close to the Flex factory. However, that campus does not offer the accessible factory jobs that Trump promises its voters.

"No worries about charges"

Trump states opposite the press that Apple does not have to worry about import duties. "If you build it here, there are no worries about charges," Trump said. That's not true: various parts of the Mac Pro come from China, and Apple pays taxes on that.

Apple on the other hand does not pay taxes on iPhones, iPads and MacBooks assembled in China. The company has an exemption for devices assembled in China, but not for individual components. With that, Trump has, strictly speaking, made the American manufacture of Apple devices more expensive and less attractive due to its charges.

Trump often tells things that are partly or not at all true. The Washington Post constantly reviews the president's statements, and came up with a total of in October 13,435 false or misleading claims since Trump was sworn.

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