One shot manual beyond 50


With that one laughing at ‘Pretty Woman’, Julia Robertss big shot won the title of that, a big shot. After smoothing it, dye it and cut it, we live more than a decade of anonymous hair. Box office such as' Notting Hill 'or' My best friend's wedding 'required looks in which Julia Roberts' hair could not steal the prominence of any 90s romantic comedy script … Until the 2019 Oscars and the Julia Roberts shaggy haircut made boom.

No one looked at nominees or winners anymore, everyone looked at Fuchsia Elie Saab's girl and blonde hair aside, updating the classy Hollywood look.

The reappearance of Julia Roberts on the public scene and his return to our lives to the sound of 'I want that woman's hair' He has not come alone. She is so active on Instagram that she shares in the social network from changes of looks and presentations to moments of flashback to the beginning of her career or the afternoons of girls with her niece Emma Roberts.

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But above all Julia has become a real influencer to her just turned 52. Our new -and recidivist- object of desire is her hair. The curls, somewhat more controlled than in the early 90s, have returned to possess their mane, now blonde and with a length that could enter the territory of 'mom hair'.

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Although we could say that its 'signature' look is the central stripe and the ruffled mane with very natural waves, the hats, always borsalinos and with a certain boho air, they also sneak into their usual looks.

To get those waves, open and zigzag without falling into the crimped hair, Julia has a staff of experts who prepare her hair. They mark their waves with tongs and undo them with precise movements of fingers and a blow of dryer.

But the fun and almost always shaggy uproar It does not have to look just in its wavy and volume version.

Also on his Instagram and especially on the red carpet, Julia Roberts chooses to wear straight hair, perhaps marking a slight wave effect 40s, perhaps in a bun.

Breaking all the rules, shortly after turning 50, the actress dared to include pastel pink wicks in your platinum mane. At first we all thought they would go with the washes but they lasted a season.

But in this new and transgressive stage of Julia's hair there are also room for extensions and we do not refer to Jennifer Lopez's natural hair bangs. When you cut your hair, partly inspired by fashion, one of the secret pleasures to which no one warns you that renunciation is to make you braids.

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You can make a braid, yes, but dozens of strands will escape each strand. Julia Roberts's secret is extensions or directly the hairpieces. Long braids? With volume? She can do everything.

The summary of this hair research could be: when you have a day of unruly hair, Julia Roberts Instagram profile can throw you always natural and flattering inspiration, suitable for all ages and styles. Thanks, Julia, Now we understand why you are 'America's girlfriend'

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