PHOTOS The Queen of England and her husband Philip celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary today


The headwinds are currently blowing hard on the British Crown, and Queen Elizabeth is worried. But today her Majesty has, it is hoped, been able to blow with the one she married 72 years ago, Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.

So these are Titan's wedding for the rock of British royalty, Queen Elizabeth II. It is known that the latter has recently been tested by recent attempts to emancipate Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. But the Queen has also been horrified by the interview given by his son Cadet Prince Andrew, about his involvement in the Epstein sex scandal. If the Prince tried to justify himself and convince, it is nothing to say that he failed.

A union celebrated in Westminster Abbey in 1947

It is therefore with joy that the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, had to welcome this day which saw to celebrate their 72nd wedding anniversary. If neither the Prince of Wales nor Andrew reported this fact on their respective Instagram accounts, it's probably because the first is currently traveling to New Zealand and thate second tries to be a little forget (for the greatest pleasure of his Majesty). His grandchildren, through social networks, paid tribute to their grandparents.

Kensington Palace published a snapshot of Elizabeth and Philip's early years where the couple exchange a look full of tenderness and complicity. Harry waved the white flag to his grandmother and wished him a happy wedding anniversary. He had to be chosen a portrait also smiling the Queen and her Prince in a carriageboth look great.

Married at Westminster Abbey in 1947the royal union has been fruitful. The princely couple had four children – Charles, Anne Andrew and Edward, eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. According to the expert Isabelle Riviere who had been questioned on the occasion of their 70 years of marriage, it is their complementarity that has made this marriage a success. "Elizabeth was insecure and Philip did a lot to give her confidence "For some months now, Prince Philip's health has been worrying the Queen." If the time is right for the celebration, many English people are wondering: Will Elizabeth and Philip be celebrating? their melting nuptials ?

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