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Lahrer ship model builder

Wolfgang Beck

Wolfgang Beck

Thu, November 21, 2019 at 10:00



                                The Mittelbadischen Schiffsmodellbau friends celebrate their birthday. They practice on the Stegmattensee on the Lahrer Gartenschaugelande. The BZ visited the chairman.



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                    When Alfred Welle leads his visitors into the hobby cellar of his house in Fronmattenstrabe, his eyes sparkle with the wonders of ship model making. The showcases contain the treasures of creative leisure time that he has assembled over the course of half a century. The 78-year-old retired police officer on duty at the riot police proudly presents his fleet, including a splendid specimen of a police boat that has been built with meticulous precision and fidelity over many hours of work.<br/>                                

Sailors, ferries, cutters, battleships and police boats

Since the founding of the club on 18 November 1969 in the Inn Burghard dozens of model buildings have been added. "Everyone builds their own home, we exchange professionally and come together for practice days or at demonstrations and competitions," says the hobbyist, who understands his craft and works model-faithfully on the ships. The result are sailors, ferries, trawlers, battleships and also police boats, which have been launched for 50 years for practice purposes, each with his colleagues on the first Sunday of each month.The club has 42 members today

"In the beginning there were a dozen founding members," says the chairman. Over the years it has become more and more that have joined the hobby model making. Today, 42 members still belong to the shipbuilding model friends, including 15 active.Among the honeymooners of the first hour were mainly model railroaders, such as Albert Meier, known as "Bastelmeier", or Max Biehler and Hans Luber, who had joined with Alfred Welle and Anton Schuhmacher the Lahrer model shipbuilders and had taken over tasks in the club.

In the area near the Bepo in Mietersheim, Welle continues, where a small lake graces the campus, the fleet specialists have met to let their models go on the water for more than 25 years. At the umbrella organization Nauticus the Lahrer Modellbauer were cooperative members, they baptized themselves MSF Lahr, as can be seen on a logo of the club magazine Leuchtfeuer, which was issued as a special edition for the 50th anniversary."The most beautiful gift for a birthday has made us the city of Lahr," says the chairman. He means the transfer of the Stegmattensee on the garden show grounds for the shipbuilders.

Gold and silver at the World Cup

Competitions also completed the model makers in their club history. The highlight was the 1989 World Cup in Tianjin in China, from where the drivers returned with a gold and a silver medal. More than 300 ship model builders from 16 nations were at the start to determine the best in 25 classes of the world elite. The drivers were among them, because at that time they convinced the jury when they were driving together with a fleet association matching in scale and epoch. The model boats of the water police caused quite a sensation at that time, just as they did before on a visit to the twin town of Dole in the mid-1980s, where the Lahrer fleet specialists were admired during demonstrations in the outdoor swimming pool on the Doubs.The party is on Friday

There were demonstrations of the model makers during the state garden show in Lahr, with activities in the swimming pool Reichenbach or with the hammer mill. The Lahr leisure captains, according to Welle, were getting older and were missing their offspring. But they still want to stick to their "most beautiful hobby in the world" as long as possible.The members celebrate the milestone birthday tomorrow, Friday, 19 clock, in the inn Sonne in Niederschopfheim.

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