The Parisian rapper Nepal, close to Nekfeu and Lomepal, has died


The Paris rap scene is in mourning. It was via a post posted Wednesday night on social networks in Nepal, almost 15 days after the announced date of death, that was made public the sad news. Signed by the family and relatives of the one who formed with the rapper Doum's group 2Fingz and that one had discovered on the piece Esquimaux in the album Cyborg of Nekfeu, this text pays him obviously tribute.

«KLM, Grand Master Splinter, Nepal, member of 2Fingz, co-founder of the 75th Session (Editor's note: collective from which Lomepal also comes), rapper, producer, graphic designer, videographer, our inspiration, our son, our brother our friend left us on Saturday, November 9, 2019 in Paris ", can we read there. "Neither the words nor this communique can express the sadness we feel today".

If nothing in this post evokes the causes of the disappearance of this young artist, 24 years old, who always appeared on stage or in the clips masked face, the text explains that "in order to respect his will and his vision artistic, we will release on the dates planned by him his clips, unreleased tracks and his first album Adios Bahamas he had just finalized and planned to go out on January 10, 2020 ".

More underground than the rappers became popular with whom he collaborated, Nepal, whose real name Clement Di Fiore, had won the stage rap Paris. His latest EP "KKSHISENSE8", released in 2018, was well received by the critics and allowed him to sit still more his style and his universe. He drew his inspiration in particular from his passion for Japanese culture.

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