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Ada Caballero | Us and football | Nervion Hill
Ada Caballero | Us and football | Nervion Hill

They say hope is the last thing lost. I, like me many of you, kept to the end that illusion of being able to enjoy a new derby. Even when it was a fact, I expected the ball to start rolling, because dreaming is still free.

Despite not being able to enjoy one of my favorite games of the season, I respect and understand the reason why the players decided to support the strike. Either to demand better conditions of their own or in solidarity with their colleagues.

I do not know if the game will be held, but I am sure that all the actors involved in the negotiating tables should work so that they do not see a field as quiet as that of the CD Luis del Sol on the morning of Sunday. Distressing image that I wish not to be repeated here, or elsewhere.

For the moment, all the planned matches will be played until December 20, date on which the agreement is expected to be signed. One more month of negotiations. Do you trust that it is enough, that everything will end in the creation of the first women's football agreement? While doubts are clearing up, I think fans should focus on the new day.

After two weeks without football, we will be able to enjoy at home, remember that this Sunday the Sevilla He plays at the Jesus Navas stadium, a new First Iberdrola match. Do you already notice the bug? I am getting into social networks and watching the profiles of players and fans talk about the game and get excited.

It is a new opportunity after two weekends without competition. I have the feeling that it should serve as a “restart” point and face with positive what we have left from this first round.

Last year, the tie knew us little by little, and that we ended up climbing 1-2, but this Sevilla is not the same as last season, it is not the one Valencia met on its last visit.

I would like to see that Sevilla that I enjoyed against FC Barcelona, ​​against UD Granadilla, against RCD Espanyol. I want that, from the goalkeeper to the front, give a blow on the table and, with it, give us a new victory as a team, which they prove to be from pre-season.

Pull ‘caste and courage’ and think that this team never gives up, even in the darkest moments.

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