US investors are interested in AS Rome


AS Rome acknowledged Wednesday in a statement "preliminary discussions" with "potential investors" interested in taking a stake in the Italian club.

The Roma, which is listed on the stock exchange, said it issued its press release after a request from Consob, the Italian market authority. Roma shares closed up 16.63% on Wednesday night.

During the day, several Italian media had indeed expressed interest in the club Friedkin Group, a consortium of American financial services. Roma does not give any name in its press release.

"AS Roma SPV LCC (…) hereby informs that preliminary discussions are underway with potential investors to enable them to evaluate the opportunity of a potential investment in AS Roma SPV LCC", the club writes in its statement.

The club of the Italian capital does not say if the discussions relate to a total repurchase of the club or an acquisition of participation.

According to the Roman sports daily Corriere dello Sport, Friedkin "plans to become the owner of the clubBut, says the newspaper, "it remains to be seen whether Pallotta's will is to give up the club for which he has invested nearly 400 million euros".

The American businessman James Pallotta is since 2012 the owner and president of Roma. Since then, he has launched a new stadium project, which is now stalled.

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