A funeral director dies in a grave in Fort-de-France


Yohan Raquil, a young funeral director, died in a tomb at the cemetery of La Joyau in Meynard this Friday, November 22, 2019, following a malaise. He was asphyxiated by the putrefaction gas emanating from the vault, trying to move a coffin.

The young employee of a funeral company of Saint-Pierre was preparing a grave at the cemetery of La Joyau at Meynard this Friday, November 22, 2019 in the morning, when he was seized with a feeling of unease. inside the vault. According to witnesses, it was while trying to move a cumbersome coffin, that it would have been inconvenienced by the internal gas of the grave.

Yoan Raquil

Yohan was "adorable"says the profession

The victim, Yohan Raquil, was a funeral consultant since 2009, but also a music lover. He shared for a few years this passion within the evangelical group "ti moun gospel".

Yohan Raquil

The young pierrotin was very appreciated in the profession. It was "adorable"Says the boss of a funeral company in Fort-de-France with which Yohan Raquil also had the opportunity to work.This well-known subcontractor in the middle, was 31 years old.

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