Against savings plans in the auto industry – economy


Great rally in Stuttgart.

STUTTGART (AFP). In protest against a terrified "mega-sacking" in the automotive and supplier industry, the industrial union (IG) metal on Friday in Stuttgart brought thousands of workers on the street. With its action day, IG Metall called on car companies and their suppliers to develop "future perspectives" instead of "putting the red pencil" on their agenda. There should be "no ruthless dismantling of jobs" or a relocation of production sites "under the guise of technological change". The industry is under pressure due to the trend towards the electric motor and digitization. Add to this the sluggish economy, because of the representatives of politics and business in Baden-Wrttemberg now demand more flexible rules for short-time work. In addition, phases of short-time working should be better connected with vocational training, it says in a letter from Minister of Economic Affairs Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut (CDU) to Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD). The letter was also signed by the heads of the employers' association Sdwestmetall, the VDMA engineering association and the union IG Metall, the president of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as well as the chief executive of the craft day.

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