Argentina vs. Brazil: the history in the Cup finals


September 4 1963 at the Maracana stadium, the first final of the Copa Campeones de America was played, today called Copa Libertadores, between Saints of Brazil and Boca Juniors.

The São Paulo team defeated 3 to 2 at xeneize. A week later, on September 11, Santos, who was among his ranks with Pele, champion in the Bombonera was consecrated by beating Boca by 2 to 1. The referee of both finals was a European, the Frenchman Marcel Gilbert Bois.

In 1968, Students of La Plata and Palmeiras defined the most important event in the continent. In the first final, The Prick, imposed 2 to 1 of local. In the return, the Brazilian team triumphed 3 to 1, therefore, as both teams matched in points, a third game was played to define a champion. There, the team commanded by Osvaldo Zubeldia He won 2-0 at the Centennial Stadium in Uruguay and thus won his first cup.

In the edition of 1974, Independent faced with Saint Paul. In the first leg, the Tricolor won 2 to 1, while, in the second leg, the Avellaneda team matched the series with their 2-0 win at home, so both teams were forced to play A defining encounter. On October 19, the Red, he was crowned champion of his fifth liberators in the National Stadium of Santiago de Chile when imposing 1-0 with a penalty of Ricardo Pavoni.

Only two years later, Brazilians and Argentines would see their faces again in a final. River plate and Cruzeiro They were the protagonists of that cup ending. With a categorical 4 to 1 in the Mineirão, the local triumphed in the first leg and looked forward to the second leg, but the Millionaire He won the 2-1 victory at the Monumental Stadium and, therefore, had to play a third game to define a champion. In an epic final, those directed by Angel Labruna They fell 3 to 2.

The Belo Horizonte team played again a cup final in 1977but this time it was his turn before the mouth of Toto Lorenzo. Argentines and Brazilians triumphed 1 to 0 as a local in their respective stadiums and again the series had to be unlocked with a third shock. After drawing 0 to 0, Boca was crowned champion after the penalties.

In 1984 the protagonists were Independent and Guild. After what the triumph of him meant Red in Porto Alegre in the first leg by 1 to 0 with a goal from Jorge Burruchaga, defended the advantage in his field with a goalless draw and he got his seventh liberators.

In 1992, Newell’s, under the technical direction of Marcelo Bielsa faced the Saint Paul in the end. In the first leg played at the Gigante de Arroyito, the Leprosy beat the Brazilian team 1 to 0 with a goal from Eduardo Berizzo. However, the team of Crazy fell from visitor 1 to 0, lost in the penalty shootout and could not celebrate what would have been his first international title.

In an era where series abound, one could say that Carlos Bianchi He had a leading role in his own golden trilogy: in 1994 with Velez defeated the Saint Paul from Tele Santana and he was crowned champion on penalties with a brilliant Jose Luis Chilavert.

In Boca, history repeated itself in duplicate. In 2000 and 2003 beat the Palmeiras and at Saints respectively. Just four years later, in 2007, with Miguel Angel Russo as DT, Boca got his sixth Copa Libertadores by beating Guild both in the first leg and in the round with a Juan roman riquelme As an exceptional figure.

And if we talk about feats, 41 years after what happened in 1968, Estudiantes de la Plata reversed the score in his favor against Cruzeiro in Belo Horizonte and reached his fourth Copa Libertadores.

The last two antecedents do not bring good memories for the Argentine teams: Both Corinthians in 2012 and Guild in 2017, they defeated Mouth and Lanus respectively in the finals.

The records record 14 clashes between teams from these two countries where 9 times the Argentines triumphed, while the Brazilians did it in 6 opportunities.

Can River win the title and extend Argentine hegemony? Will Flamengo balance the balance a bit between Argentines and Brazilians? The truth is that all these doubts will be cleared next Saturday November 23 in an exciting final of Copa Libertadores.

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