Black Friday at PS Store – Now 25% off PlayStation Plus [Anzeige]


PS Plus In the Black Friday Sale of the PlayStation Store, there are numerous games and the membership of PS Plus cheaper.

The PlayStation Store is running the big Black Friday Sale today. There are, as we have already reported, a lot of PS4 titles at some very cheap prices. But also the membership in PlayStation Plus is reduced in price. Until 11 o'clock on 2 December, the annual subscription costs only € 44.99 instead of € 59.99. Click here for the offer:

12 months PS Plus instead of € 59.99 for € 44.99

What does PlayStation Plus offer?

You wonder if it's worth your while to join PlayStation Plus? Here is a list of all the benefits of the subscription:

1. Online multiplayer

PlayStation Plus needs her to use Sony's server for multiplayer games. Without PS Plus, there is no online multiplayer.

2. Monthly free games

Every month you get two PS4 games that you can use at no extra cost while you are a member. Just for that, the subscription can already be worthwhile. In November, for example, there are Nioh and Outlast 2, whose regular price is € 49.98.

3. Exclusive discounts

For PS-Plus members, the PlayStation Store offers exclusive special offers and discount promotions, which in the past were great titles up to 75% off. Often, plus members in big sales also get away a little cheaper. For example, until yesterday was the double-rebate sale, in which plus members, as the name suggests, could save twice as much as everyone else.

4. Exclusive Free Trials

From time to time, PS Plus members can also try games for a limited time for free. For example, there was already a free trial for Monster Hunter World or Rainbow Six: Siege.

5. Exclusive in-game content

PlayStation Plus members have exclusive in-game content for many major titles. For example, you can now get Plus packages for Fortnite and Apex Legends. For Dauntless there is the weapon package "Royal Steel" and for Path of Exile a Ghostflame Skull and Mystic Totems. An overview can be found here.

6. Designs and avatars for the PSN account

If you want to make your account stylish, you will also benefit from being a member of PlayStation Plus. There are many exclusive designs and avatars available for free, such as Street Fighter V, Grim Fandango or Bloodborne.

7. PlayStation Rewards

In addition, PS Plus members receive discounts and coupons for Sony partner shops. The offers change monthly. What's more favorable for Plus members in November, you'll learn in this article.

Learn more about PlayStation Plus and its benefits here:

PlayStation Plus: The current benefits of the PlayStation Store

But whether you are interested in PlayStation Plus or not, the big Black Friday Sale is definitely worth a look. You can find this here:

Black Friday Sale at PlayStation Store

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