Boca launches its project to be the "largest digital stadium in Argentina"


The club announced the "Boca 12.0" platform. All the details

In the last section of 2019 and also in the final stretch towards the presidential elections, the current conduction of Mouth He continues to present his arguments to continue in command of the club. Now the institution made public the "Boca 12.0" project, which seeks to make La Bombonera the largest digital stadium in the Argentine Republic.

It is a new technological proposal of Xeneize, “With the objective of connecting the club with members and fans, generating greater impact and improving the experience inside and outside the stadium”. Through a statement, the club informed that this Sunday there will be a free Wi-Fi Internet connection service for the more than 50,000 members who will be on the stands.

Boca reported that it made a strong investment to install “a new fiber optic network with more than 250 Ruckus high density antennas, 2.5 and 5 Gb, throughout the stadium. Each of the antennas can serve between 400 and 800 users simultaneously ”. The initiative, then, will begin in the match against Union of Santa Fe, this Sunday from 17:10.

The operation is already finished and the partners will enjoy a 3Gb speed Internet service and LTE connectivity (3G, 4G and future 5G) with coverage inside and outside the stadium. The new installed infrastructure has “the electronics necessary to process the traffic generated by more than 50,000 users, with good signal quality”.

Boca also announced that it will soon launch its official application as a means for members to have exclusive multimedia content available, from interviews to news and benefits. Membership fees may also be paid and there will be an online store. The closure of the project will feature the installation of 50 led screens throughout the stadium. A strong commitment to the December elections.

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