BVB: Reus motzt after 3: 3 in "Kackspiel" against SC Paderborn


Dortmund –

A pigeon plague with a shitty tribune followed on Friday evening promptly a real "boxing match" for Borussia Dortmund! For against the bottom club SC Paderborn it looked long after the mega embarrassment. The team of coach Lucien Favre (62) was against the underdog at halftime 0: 3 behind!

But thanks to a performance improvement in the second 45 minutes – and thanks to a late goal by captain Marco Reus in the second minute of stoppage time prevented the BVB still the big slip-up 3: 3 ended the memorable game, which nevertheless the next bitter damper for Borussia Dortmund is in the championship fight.

Marco Reus: "That was absolute shit"

"We have to apologize to everyone here in the stadium. At home 0: 3 at halftime against Paderborn, they were really ashamed today. No idea what we made there in the first half. We must never, never again. That was absolute shit, "Reus grumbled.

"We're not allowed to do that at home, no matter who we are. That was really bitter. We got one right. We must and will speak about this as well. That's definitely something to talk about, "the captain said visibly annoyed.

To criticize Coach Favre, Reus said, "We need to talk about ourselves and not the coach. The coach hires us properly every time. But we are responsible for showing our performance on the pitch. We have to be closer together as a team. That does not fit with us right now. We have to talk about that. "

"My boys cut everything out. In the end we were unfortunately dead and flat, "said Paderborn coach Steffen Baumgart (47). "What I expect from my boys, they have brought. I am absolutely proud and satisfied. But the last goal was annoying. "

Borussia Dortmund prevents embarrassment against SC Paderborn

Streli Mamba (5th, 37th minute) and Gerrit Holtmann (43rd) had brought the SC Paderborn clear with their goals in the lead. Jadon Sancho (47.), Axel Witsel (84.) and Reus prevented the embarrassment.

Previously, there was a new pigeon alert in Signal Iduna Park: On Twitter, a video causes excitement that posted a user at the beginning of the week: It shows the possibly "craziest" grandstand in Germany. You can see a part of the floor of the 25,000 standing seats south tribune – over and over polluted with pigeon droppings! Another video on Instagram is two weeks old and shows filthy seats.

For the video tweet, which is addressed directly to team manager Sebastian Kehl, the user @guiseppe_reina wrote: "And here you want to accommodate 25,000 people again Friday? Old and waterproof clothing should probably attract every stranger. "The hashtags #taubenshitstorm and #echtescheisse – based on the BVB slogan" real love ".

Borussia Dortmund: The pigeon problem has been around for some time

The problem is not new in Dortmund. Every now and then BVB fans post pictures with disgust alarm, for example, with bird-dirty clothes at home games.

Dortmund stadium pigeons

This photo is from 2 November 2019: Before the game of BVB against VfL Wolfsburg play no footballers, but pigeons on the lawn.


imago images / Christian Schroedter

Even on the lawn, pigeons were spotted during games, which have settled down in the arena with its many winding corners.

"Problem is not big enough, because the lodges are not yet shit."

The BVB had distributed 20 mirror pyramids already installed in the stadium in 2013: The so-called "Eagle Eyes" (eagle eyes) are to simulate the presence of a bird of prey by light reflection in order to scare away the pigeons. Did not work, the system was dismantled in 2015 again.

Currently the problem seems bigger than ever. Video-Poster @guiseppe_reina demands: "In Mainz, Cologne and probably in every other stadium these problems were solved. I think the problem is not big enough for BVB because the lodges have not yet been shut down. How about spikes or a network under the roof? You do not need a patent or a doctoral degree for that. "

A public reaction of the BVB on the current pigeon problem does not exist so far. (ars, uf, kos)

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