Can we do without a real estate agent to sell his home?



Savings of 10,000 to 20,000 euros for the owner who sells his home: this is the gain that can be expected by selling by his own means rather than through a real estate agency. The development of the Internet has facilitated this type of approach starting with the dissemination of an ad on sites such as De Particulier a particulier (PAP.en),, or even But still it is necessary to offer housing at the right price, write a catchy ad, take good quality photos and put all these elements online. It takes time and skills.

However, it is possible to rely on the advice of ad sites as proposed in particular PAP. For 690 euros for one year, the "coaching" service provides the help of a remote advisor to estimate the housing at its fair value, housing photos taken by a professional photographer or a reworked ad to attract buyers.

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To avoid deceiving the estimate, it is also possible to rely on sites like, or provided that you comply with the recommendations and do not want to set a price well above the proposed estimates.

"For all that, estimating the selling price of housing is not so simple. It means getting to know the market, visiting housing in detail and making a very objective assessment of what people who sell on their own sometimes have trouble doing ", says Olivier Alonso, president of Nestenn Immobilier.

Once this step is over, selling without an agency means making yourself available when prospective buyers come to visit the property as often as necessary. It also means being aware of the documents to be provided to the prospective purchaser who will not fail to claim the diagnosis proving the absence of termites or indicating the state of maintenance of the gas and electricity installation. .

Online Agencies

Finally: trading on the selling price is not easy to conduct without help. "A quality real estate agent is a valuable intermediary between the buyer and the seller because it allows for dialogue to come to an agreement"thinks Antoine Huve, founder of Cherchemonnid, a platform for housing research.

For homeowners who dread selling on their own, an intermediate solution is possible with real estate agencies online. Unlike traditional agencies that charge fees of 4.5% of the average selling price, online agencies generally offer fixed fees regardless of the selling price of the home. This offer ranges from 990 euros for Welmo to 4,990 euros for Liberkeys through 4,500 euros for Hosman, 3,900 euros for Imop and up to 6,500 euros for Equinimo.

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