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The digital association Bitkom does not see a higher radiation risk for the citizens by the expansion of the mobile radio network in Germany. According to Achim Berg, thousands of studies show that compliance with the limit values ​​does not cause any health problems. Nobody should be "let go". Is that correct?

Experts: Radiation from the phone is potentially more dangerous

There are many studies on mobile phone radiation. The Technical University of Aachen (RWTH) lists about 3,800 on its research portal. Not quite as clear is the thing with the mobile radio masts. The Federal Environment Ministry refers to several hundred studies. And they too come to the conclusion: No health hazard.

Ministry spokeswoman Judith Horrichs can not understand the doubts about the radio masts, the greater danger of radiation lurking in his pocket.

The majority of the population thinks that the mobile radio base station, ie the masts represent the main burden.

Judith Horrichs from the Federal Environment Ministry

But actually, the end device, cell phone or tablet, because of the proximity to the body, the potentially greater danger, says Horrichs. Because the electromagnetic radiation decreases with the distance. And the radio masts are usually 20 to 30 meters high.

Evidence of increased cancer risk

But there are also studies that see a connection between radio masts and increased cancer numbers. In Upper Franconia, a medical team evaluated about 1,000 personal data for ten years. The result was that the group living in the vicinity of a radio mast had twice the likelihood of cancer compared to a group living further away.

Achim Neuhauser of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection is certainly looking at such studies. But only one thing can be said for sure: cell phone radiation warms the human tissue. Not more.

And all the other clues that have been found in individual studies so far – there are many – could never be repeated. These are important scientific requirements that an effect that has once been shown can be repeated under similar conditions by others. And that's never been achieved except in the heat effect.

Achim Neuhauser from the Federal Office for Radiation Protection


Yes, there are studies that show radio masts as cancer potential. However, there are only a few. The vast majority of researchers concludes that the radio masts in Germany do not generate any electromagnetic hazard.

And if more masts are being built now? Then, according to mobile communications experts, the radiation level actually drops. Because the more mobile phones are standing, the weaker they have to send their signals. And that means they produce less radiation.

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